Agriculture and Fisheries Council: Extracts from the press conference (agriculture) by the Irish Presidency and the European Commission

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End production: 13/05/2013   First transmission: 13/05/2013
As regards agriculture, ministers has been briefed in public on the state of play of the trilogues on the reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP).

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00:00:13 SOUNDBITE by Simon Coveney, Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine and President in office of the Council (In English) saying that: We weren't looking for a new mandate as the Presidency today from colleagues but instead to get some feedback on the trilogue process so far and also to get some feedback specifically on 3 items: The young farmer scheme as proposed, small farmers scheme as proposed and the definition of an active farmer so that we ensure that the parcels of lands and indeed individuals that are actually farming are the people who get support. 00:00:31
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00:00:48 SOUNDBITE by Simon Coveney (In English) saying that: What I was appealing to colleagues for was some flexibility on our previous position; clearly the European Parliament and the Commission need to show flexibility as well on their views on these 3 issues. I think we made some progress today that will allow the Presidency now go back and incorporate those 3 items into a final package for a political decision next month. 00:00:26
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00:01:19 SOUNDBITE by Simon Coveney (In English) saying that: We also reiterated that it is the view of the Irish Presidency that it is possible to get a final political agreement on all 4 regulations in terms of CAP reform by the end of the Irish Presidency and of course we will be trying to finalize that in Luxembourg next month. 00:00:20
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00:01:42 SOUNDBITE by Dacian Cioloş, Member of the EC in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development (In French) saying that: That is the way I have considered the work carried out by the Presidency today to prepare the ground towards reaching a agreement rather in June and taking account also of the fact that we are part of a co-decision procedure so it is not a question of getting a mandate and then thinking the reform is over or completed; once we have a mandate there are negotiations with the Parliament, the Commission and the Council. What has been happening in those negotiations in the trilogue so far leads me to be very optimistic. 00:00:40
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00:02:26 SOUNDBITE by Dacian Cioloş (In French) saying that: We can have flexibility in certain aspect of the CAP at regional and national level to ensure better implementation and a better outcome from those instruments but in other areas where there really is a community and common problem and when we are talking about the definition of active farmers that is something which has to be done at European level, we can't say that a golf course or an airport might receive aid in one country even if they are not carrying out agriculture activities but not in others. 00:00:35
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