Informal Meeting of the Competitiveness Council in Dublin: Extracts from the press conference by Richard BRUTON, Daniel CALLEJA CRESPO and Pierre DELSAUX

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End production: 03/05/2013   First transmission: 03/05/2013
The Informal meeting of the Competitiveness Council (Industry, Internal Market & Enterprise) has focused on a number of priority issues under key themes including “SMEs as drivers of growth”, "Challenges for Copyright in the Digital Era", "Optimising the Innovaton Ecosystem" and "Optimising the Benefits of Research Investment for European jobs, growth and society. Today, the Council focused on; Access to Finance – venture capital and its use in growing internationally trading global companies Internationalisation of SMEs - potential opportunities for EU enterprises in global markets Entrepreneurship - cities and regions as hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship Extracts from the press conference (Industry, Internal Market and Enterprise) by Richard BRUTON, Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Daniel CALLEJA CRESPO, Director-General of DG Enterprise and Industry of the EC, and Pierre DELSAUX, Deputy Director-General of DG Internal Market and Services of the EC

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00:00:11 SOUNDBITE by Richard Bruton, Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (In English) saying that: I think we had a fruitful set of discussion today; we discussed obviously President Van Rompuy's proposal which all the Council are now examining as to how we can have a deeper response to the EU crisis and how we can look at new ways of addressing that to drive growth and jobs. We also focused very particularly on the role of SMS's in European recovery; there are 23 million SMS's in Europe, they have the potential to create employment; we heard from the Harvard professor Josh Lerner how it is in the early years of SMS's that most of the dynamism comes, that's where 100% of net jobs in the US were created by those small companies in their first three years. 00:00:48
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00:01:02 SOUNDBITE by Richard Bruton (In English) saying that: We are looking to what are the instruments that are within our reach to create that more dynamic environment, completing the single market, strengthening the digital economy, opening up a trade and improving access to finance; those are crucial items we discussed. 00:00:16
00:01:18 SOUNDBITE by Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director-General of DG Enterprise and Industry of the EC (In English) saying that: I think if there is a message that comes out of this competitiveness council, he was referring to the importance of SMS's and that we need to focus all our policy top address the key challenges that they are facing: Access to finance, internationalization , making them work closer trough clusters; entrepreneurship came out as a very important element, it's not just finding money for the SMS's, it is developing this entrepreneurial spirit and we have worrying statistics in Europe, less and less young people want to create their own company compared with other regions in the world so we have an action plan: 'Entrepreneurship 2020' which we will need to work. 00:00:48
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