Informal Meeting of the Competitiveness (Research and Innovation) Council in Dublin

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End production: 02/05/2013   First transmission: 02/05/2013
On 2nd of May Ministers Bruton and Sherlock hosted the Competitiveness Council in Dublin with a focus on maximising EU jobs and growth through targeted strategies across research and industry. They gave Special attention SMEs. Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, and Minister of State for Research and Innovation, Seán Sherlock TD, jointly chaired an informal meeting of the Competitiveness Council. Ministers were set to discuss how best to maximise the potential for jobs and growth from the investments being made in research and innovation. The Ministers received presentations from leading figures from the industry, research and SME sectors, including Dr Martin Curley of Intel Labs Europe, Professor Fergus Shanahan of University College Cork (UCC) and Dr Kai Engel of A.T. Kearney. The European Commission was represented by Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Commissioner for Research and Innovation.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Sean Sherlock, Irish Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation with responsibility for Research and Innovation We had a very informative discussion bringing speakers from the SME's sector from the academic sector and form industry to talk about importance of innovation, importance of research and development in terms of stimulating the European economy and increase the types of jobs that are necessary for the European Union and all countries to growth. 00:00:34
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00:00:48 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Sean Sherlock : The current research framework program, as Member States we are responsible for billions of euros worth of investment in research landscape all across Europe. I think it is correct that we ensure that a ware you have resources where there is economic challenging time that we ensure that we maximize the potential of taxpayers and spend in a way that ensures to be create the necessary impact to create the jobs and growth that is going to be necessary for the future. 00:00:39
00:01:27 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Member of the EC in charge of Research and Innovation: And I just wanted to give you two concrete examples of what we discussed today, first of all, it was about the kind of support that we want to provide to innovative small and medium sized enterprises, they are the companies to show the back bone of all of the economies of Europe. And the second is how as part-faire industrial policy that we can faster European leadership in the key enabling technologies and they are as you know biotechnology, nanotechnology advanced materials and so on. 00:00:30
00:01:57 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Máire Geoghegan-Quinn: We are increasing support for SME's and that is happening because there is a guarantee of portfolios of banks loans to the risk sharing instrument and this is the instrument that both the Commission and the European Investment Bank contribute to equally. Ten agreements with commercial banks have already been signed and in total those ten agreements will help to mobilise some one billion Euros in lending. 00:00:34
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