Debate on the Future of Europe, in Brussels: vox pops

Type: Report   Référence: I077887   Durée: 02:56  Lieu: Brussels
Vox populi, interviews with European citizens in Brussels, explaining what they think of Europe.

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00:00:05 Soundbite by Wim Knaepen (IN ENGLISH): I think it is important that they reach the public by such events. I think really it can make a difference. 00:00:09
00:00:14 Nina Karcher (in ENGLISH): I think it really shows people where things happen at European level and also that it is close to them and that they can also take part. 00:00:11
00:00:24 Didier Gillen (in ENGLISH): It is very important to me that the EC can bring people together to meet them and to have that dialogue to put the questions and answers together on the spot, not in writing, some months later but the human contact is essential to me. 00:00:21
00:00:46 Nina Marcher (in ENGLISH): I really hope that it will give a good overview of the possibilities that the EU citizens have and also of their rights and the possibility to see how they can participate in the European debate and have their input as citizens. 00:00:18
00:01:04 Ruben Verhaegen (in ENGLISG): A lot of people they don't know about Europe and they don't care about Europe any more. I know a lot of people that came here today, who made the effort to come here today to debate about these topics, and I think that they get interested in this way, so I think it is useful, in that way, to bring people together in this room to talk. 00:00:22
00:01:26 Floriana Pond (in ENGLISH): I was very satisfied with all the discussion and especially with the fact that it was really a dialogue and not - as I am used to - a monologue where the politician comes and just expresses his opinions. 00:00:13
00:01:39 Dana Maria Pond (in ENGLISH): I am very happy to see that actually they are ready to listen to all citizens and they are ready to improve their own way of working or, actually, just the listening part which is critical, the most important also like in my work as a marketeer and I can see the benefit also for them. So, definitely, it was a very good chance for me to see a good step forward. 00:00:26
00:02:05 Edwin Curraj (in ENGLISH): I think that it is a very good debate because Viviane Reding answered each question and lots of people had the chance to ask their question. 00:00:14
00:02:19 Dana Maria Pond (in ENGLISH): For me, it was very interesting to see, how can I say; I was very happy to see that there are steps forward, there is work in progress to be done and, actually, it is also up to us, citizens, to support the organisations in moving forward. 00:00:16
00:02:35 Floriana Pond (in ENGLISH): I think it brings them closer to Europe in the sense that it makes their voice heard and it is also very important for the people to feel that they are engaged and that they are listened to. And this is was the contribution of this meeting consisted in. 00:00:15
00:02:50 Erwin Curraj (in ENGLISH): I think it is very interesting for the future to continue to have this kind of debate. 00:00:06
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