Foreign Affairs Council (Defence): extracts from the arrivals and doorsteps

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On 23 April, Defence Ministers will debate preparations for the European Council on defence in December, in particular on battlegroups and the defence industry. The Council will be updated on the work of the Commission's taskforce on defence industry and markets by Antonio Tajani, Commission Vice-President responsible for industry and entrepreneurship. This relates to the third issue outlined by the European Council. The objective of the Commission's task force is to address ways to reinforce the European defence industrial base and the internal market as well as to improve the competitiveness of the European defence industry. It has identified three priority areas for action: internal market, industrial policy as well as research and innovation. The Council will discuss the first thematic cluster (improving the effectiveness, visibility and impact of the CSDP) and in particular EU battlegroups. An EU battlegroup is a rapidly deployable, multinational group of forces capable of stand-alone operations or initial phases of larger operations. In its generic composition, it has a strength of around 1500 personnel and is reinforced as appropriate with combat support elements. Battlegroups are intended for a range of possible crisis management operations outlined in the EU Treaty and requiring a rapid response. Operations would usually be conducted under a UN Security Council resolution.

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