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"Efforts to create a common patent applicable across all European countries have been made since the 1960s. In April 2011, the European Commission tabled proposals on the creation of a European patent with unitary effect (or "unitary patent") in the framework of enhanced cooperation. The unitary patent will allow patent protection to be obtained for 25 Member States (all Member States except Italy and Spain) on the basis of a single application and without further administrative formalities, like validation and translation requirements, in the Member States. It will give inventors and companies access to the markets of 25 countries, i.e. 400 million customers at a vastly lower cost, with far fewer administrative hurdles to overcome. The Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be created by an international agreement of the Member States and will be competent to handle disputes concerning both future unitary patents and current "classical" European patents. The UPC will be a single specialised patent court, with local and regional presence around the EU. Instead of parallel litigation in national courts, the parties will be able to get a swift and high quality decision for all states where the patent is valid. The agreement by the Council and European Parliament opens the way to the signature of the international agreement on the UPC. The first unitary patents could be granted in April 2014."

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00:00:15 Panoramic view, Bayerstrasse, Munich, Germany, 06/2012 00:00:04
00:00:19 Exterior of European Patent Office, Bayerstrasse, Munich (3 shots) The European Patent Office (EPO) has its headquarters in Munich. It grants European patents for the Contracting States to the European Patent Convention. The EPO provides a single patent grant procedure, but not a single patent from the point of view of enforcement. Hence the patents granted are not European Union patents or even Europe-wide patents, but a bundle of national patents. The European Patent Office is one of the two organs of the European Patent Organisation, the other being the Administrative Council. 00:00:15
00:00:34 Interior of EPO (3 shots) 00:00:16
00:00:50 EPO office, EPO expert working on patents (2 shots) 00:00:07
00:00:57 Michel Barnier, Member of the EC in charge of Internal Market and Services, at the European Parliament, 12/2012 (15 shots)Soundbite (in FRENCH) on the progress achieved with regard patents; saying that the great successes are the simplification of procedures and cost reduction. 00:02:15
00:03:12 Exterior of Novozymes building, Denmark, 06/2012Novozymes is a biotech-based company with its headquarters in Denmark which employs almost 5,400 people in 30 countries. Novozymes develops enzymes for industry, using microorganisms and bio pharmaceutical ingredients. The products are used to bleach cotton or in laundry detergents, for example. The company markets approximately 700 products worldwide and has over 6,000 patents. 00:00:04
00:03:16 Laboratory, research and testing (6 shots) 00:00:29
00:03:45 Bio-cotton clothes (7 shots) 00:00:19
00:04:05 Michel Barnier at the European Parliament (6 shots)Soundbite (in FRENCH) thanking the Members of the EP for adopting the texts on a single European patent because they're in favour of economic recovery and growth, which are essential for the good of the European citizens. 00:00:54
00:04:58 Exterior of Institut Pasteur, Pasteur Patent document and laboratory, Paris, France, 06/2012 (7 shots) 00:00:26
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