"Peace IV" event

Type: Complete press conference   Référence: I076020   Durée: 01:29:57  Lieu: Brussels - EC/Charlemagne
The “Bringing Divided Communities Together - Sharing the experience of the EU PEACE Programme” conference was held in Brussels on 31 January with the aim of showcasing an EU initiative to consolidate peace, including the PEACE programme in Northern Ireland and in the border region of Ireland in particular. Three innovative projects implemented under the PEACE programme were presented: “Groundwork Northern Ireland”, “Theatre of Witness” and “Football for All”.

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00:00:00 Presentation of the “Groundwork Northern Ireland” project. “Groundwork Northern Ireland” aims to create shared public spaces for people belonging to different communities and with different racial origins, with a view to making them shared spaces for reconciliation. 00:17:42
00:17:42 Presentation of the “Theatre of Witness” project. The aim of “Theatre of Witness” is to give a voice to those who have not been heard by society, to give people the opportunity to tell their story for the public to act as witness. 00:31:17
00:48:59 Presentation of the “Football for All” project. “Football for All” aims to combat sectarianism and racism through football. 00:18:01
01:07:00 Question and answer session on the projects. 00:22:57
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