Trafficking in human beings: Portrait of Teodora (forced prostitution)

Type: Clip   Référence: I073612   Durée: 01:55  Lieu: Brussels
Teodora was forced to become a prostitute in Belgium. She contributed to the arrest of her procurers in Romania and gained custody of her son.

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00:00:00 I was a simple woman. I had a partner, we lived together. I lived with him for 7 years, I had a child and I worked in a restaurant. When my mother and sister-in-law were deported to Romania from Belgium, I saw the deportation orders and it said clearly they had been prostitutes in Belgium. She wanted, she forced me to go and be a prostitute in Belgium. She used my son to threaten me. She had every mean to take my son away. I worked in a bar dedicated to prostitution. Every Friday, I was expected to send them 300 euros. I had to send them that in addition to gifts I would take to Romania. I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I disgusted myself because I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I couldn’t recognize myself. I was a different woman from before. I wanted to get out, but I couldn’t find a way. I managed to endure because of my son, because a child for a mother, he’s my heart, my life, my eyes, I’ve no words for it. You can never forget. Never. It may heal over, but the scars will remain for the rest of your life. 00:01:55
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