Gas supply crisis

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This short video stockshot illustrates the security of gas supply, which is essential to the smooth running of the EU economy and for the comfort of citizens at work and at home.

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00:00:00 Generic and title 00:00:15
00:00:15 Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipe, gas compressor station, Kiev region, Ukraine, 07/2008 (15 shots) 00:01:28
00:01:43 Exterior views of the Gazprom building, Moscow, Russia, 01/2009 (8 shots) 00:01:03
00:02:45 Drilling platform; "Methania" methane tanker heading towards its destination, Norway, 2002 00:00:09
00:02:54 Hassi R'Mel liquified natural gas (LNG) production site, Algeria, 2004 (2 shots) 00:00:10
00:03:04 Gas pipeline in Muuga harbour and railway; control room; Port of Tallinn, Estonia, 09/2009 (7 shots)Gas is mainly imported from Russia. The railway is connected to the Estonian railway which has direct rail connections to Russia, and uses the Russian gauge. 00:00:35
00:03:39 Turkey-Greece gas pipeline under construction: various locations along the pipeline route and different aspects of the construction process, Turkey, 07/2009 (25 shots) 00:02:30
00:06:09 Various shots showing a gas meter (6 shots) 00:00:55
00:07:03 Copyright 00:00:10
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