2012 : European Year for Active Ageing - Part 1

Type: Stockshots [long]   Référence: I071820   Durée: 19:52  Lieu: Amsterdam - Public employement service,Fredericia - Hannerup Pleje Rehabilitation Centre,Copenhagen,Ferndown - The Barrington Centre
This video stockshots illustrates the launch of the European Year for Active Ageing, in Copenhagen, on 18 January 2012. The European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations aims to foster the conditions that make for a better future for both young and old in our ageing societies. The key is ensuring that people can continue to contribute to the economy and to society and to look after themselves as they grow old. Active ageing is about creating a wide range of opportunities to allow older people to play their part on the labour market, to participate to society and to live independently for as long as possible.

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00:00:18 Title 00:00:05
00:06:38 Tilte 00:00:10
00:14:27 Title 00:00:05
00:14:54 Last training session and welcome by the coach 00:00:22
00:15:16 Coach and participants around the table.The coach explains an exercise in which participants have to give an example of a professional accomplishment they are proud of 00:00:13
00:15:29 Close up of the coach 00:00:00
00:15:29 Close-up of coach's hands 00:00:03
00:15:32 Participant Roel Dop explaining his professional accomplishment 00:00:08
00:15:41 Close up of a participant 00:00:04
00:15:45 Participant Roel Dop explaining his professional accomplishment 00:00:13
00:15:58 Close up of the board 00:00:05
00:16:03 Corrections on a participant's work 00:00:07
00:16:10 Man using the board for a presentation 00:00:07
00:16:17 Coach and participant listening to the presentation 00:00:05
00:16:22 Magazine "network for 55+" 00:00:05
00:16:27 Participants discussing a pocket-sized CV. The aim of the exercise is to create a carriable CV, which could be always on oneself 00:00:07
00:16:35 Pocket CV in the hands of a participant 00:00:05
00:16:39 Close up of participants 00:00:05
00:16:44 Close up of a pocket CV 00:00:05
00:16:49 Participants discussing together 00:00:04
00:16:53 Coach and participant looking at job offers 00:00:05
00:16:58 Close up of the coach's hand showing the job offers 00:00:07
00:17:05 Close up of job offers 00:00:05
00:17:10 Participant's arrivals. On 16/11/2011, as part of the one-month Plus UWV action, more than 700 jobseekers participated in the 50-plus "Inspiration day". Jobseekers could choose from a dozen workshops, including Social Media, How I present Myself to an Employer, Job Application Tips, Photography for a CV. Potential employers offering job vacancies were present and it was possible to make an appointment for an interview. There were also information stands from companies such as UWV, intermediate, Uitzendburo's. 00:00:06
00:17:15 Welcome desk (2 shots) 00:00:09
00:17:24 Close up of cards 00:00:05
00:17:29 Participants at the plenary session (3 shots) 00:00:15
00:17:44 Plenary session. Peter Stoks, chairman of the meeting, project manager within UWV Werkbedrijf, gives a welcome speech and congratulates all the participants for taking part 00:00:04
00:17:48 Participants at the plenary session 00:00:05
00:17:53 Peter Stoks explaining that there are a lot of workshops and employers present 00:00:10
00:18:04 Participants listening 00:00:04
00:18:07 Jeroen Busscher, talking about innovation and creativity, asking participants to stand up and to discuss networking. 00:00:17
00:18:24 Participants networking 00:00:05
00:18:29 Participants discussing and networking 00:00:06
00:18:36 Writing on a notebook 00:00:04
00:18:39 Workshop around "Linkedin" and participants working on computers with coach 00:00:05
00:18:44 Close up of a participant 00:00:05
00:18:49 Cutaway of the participants 00:00:05
00:18:54 Close up of a participant typing on a computer keyboard 00:00:05
00:18:59 Workshop coach giving explanations to a participant 00:00:10
00:19:09 "Eures" stand for mobility of workers in Europe 00:00:07
00:19:16 Close up of the "Europe wants you! Play the Eures game" card 00:00:04
00:19:20 Discussion between two participants 00:00:04
00:19:24 Workshop on "Photography" helping participants get a good picture for a CV 00:00:04
00:19:28 Participant being photographed in the "Photography" workshop 00:00:06
00:19:34 Make up being applied prior to taking the photos 00:00:04
00:19:38 General view of the reception 00:00:05
00:19:43 Copyright 00:00:09
00:19:52 END 00:00:00
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