EU Enlargement: Serbia

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These video stock shots on Serbia cover four topics: a general presentation of Serbia; key reforms on the path to the EU; the EU and Serbia working together; and what Serbia can bring to the EU. They feature new images of the capital Belgrade, the main political institutions, and images of the main cities, such as Novi Sad and Nis. They reflect the key reform areas that mark Serbia's relations to the European Union, such as the judiciary, as well as the fight against corruption and organised crime. The EU's support to Serbian efforts to adopt EU standards is illustrated through a series of concrete projects in the following areas: infrastructure, waste management, social integration, etc. The natural wealth, cultural heritage and human potential are illustrated through as set of examples of what Serbia can bring to the EU. This is shown in the following sub-chapters: culture, heritage and people.

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:10
00:00:10 View from “Kalemegdan” fortress, looking on the rivers Sava and Danube (8 shots) 00:00:39
00:00:49 Main pedestrian street “Knez Mihajlova”, people walking, children around fountain (2 shots) 00:00:12
00:01:02 Terazije street in central Belgrade (4 shots) 00:00:28
00:01:30 People in pedestrian zones (5 shots) 00:00:32
00:02:02 Republic Square 00:00:04
00:02:06 Traffic in central Belgrade (7 shots) 00:00:47
00:02:53 The building of the Serbian Parliament (5 shots) 00:00:21
00:03:14 Belgrade city assembly, exterior views (4 shots) 00:00:19
00:03:34 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, exterior views (7 shots) 00:00:32
00:04:05 The building of the Government of Serbia , exterior views (5 shots) 00:00:30
00:04:36 The office of the President, exterior views (5 shots) 00:00:27
00:05:02 View from Petrovaradin fortress on the Danube and Novi Sad (3 shots) 00:00:14
00:05:16 The main square in Novi Sad, people walking in pedestrian zones (13 shots) 00:01:02
00:06:18 Bridge over Nisava river, in Niš (3 shots) 00:00:15
00:06:34 Old fortress, fountain (5 shots) 00:00:24
00:06:58 The main square (3 shots) 00:00:14
00:07:12 Renovated courtroom in the Palace of Justice (7 shots) 00:00:41
00:07:52 Interior shots of the Palace of Justice, people in corridors (5 shots) 00:00:23
00:08:16 Palace of Justice, exterior (4 shots) 00:00:19
00:08:35 Court’s archives, shelves full of files (7 shots) 00:00:52
00:09:27 Serbian border police at work on the Danube (border with Romania); patrol boats crossing the river (8 shots) 00:00:42
00:10:09 Patrol boats inspecting fisherman's boat on the Danube, checking papers (10 shots) 00:00:40
00:10:49 Treatment of medical waste in the hospital in Pozarevac, central Serbia (14 shots)Environment and waste – with the help of EU funding hospitals are equipped to safely destroy, transport and dispose medical waste. 00:01:13
00:12:01 New houses built to provide accommodation to Roma people (9 shots) 00:00:45
00:12:47 Construction of the new “Ada” Bridge in Belgrade, co-financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Belgrade City Government. (9 shots) 00:00:43
00:13:30 Editing rooms in the premises of the Yugoslav Film Archive (6 shots) 00:00:32
00:14:02 Treatment of old film tapes in the Yugoslav Film Archive (9 shots)Support for the restoration, conservation and access to the Yugoslav Film Archive’s collection. The Archive is considered to be one of the five most important ones in Europe and one of ten largest worldwide. 00:00:38
00:14:40 Ancient Golubac fortress on the Danube, tourists and bikers (8 shots)The fortress will be renovated with EU funding and the road passing through the site will be relocated. 00:00:36
00:15:16 Road passing through the Golubac fortress, people and cars passing (7 shots) 00:00:37
00:15:53 Entrance to the Archeological site "Lepenski Vir", written in Cyrillic (2 shots). Lepenski Vir is an important Mesolithic archaeological site. Evidence points to a first human presence in the locality around 7000 BC. 00:00:09
00:16:02 Museum Lepenski Vir (6 shots) 00:00:34
00:16:36 Belgrade’s port on the Sava river, filled with restaurants and cafes (6 shots)Belgrade is often described as a new tourist destination and the capital of night life. 00:00:35
00:17:11 Tourists in the "Kalemegdan" fortress (2 shots) 00:00:09
00:17:20 Evening shots of boat restaurants and clubs (3 shots) 00:00:18
00:17:38 Poster of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic (world n°1 in 2011) (2 shots) 00:00:10
00:17:48 Tennis school in Belgrade, boys and girls playing tennis, watched by their parents (5 shots) 00:00:33
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