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The recent events in the Southern Mediterranean have highlighted the need for an effective and comprehensive common EU migration policy. On 4 May 2011, as a follow up to the orientation debate of the college on 20 April 2011, the European Commission will adopt a Communication which will propose a structured, comprehensive, rapid-response approach from the EU. The Communication will cover various aspects of migration policy such as a strategic approach for relations with third countries on migration related issues, elements for strengthened border control and Schengen governance, better targeted legal migration, enhanced dissemination of best practices on integration and completion of the Common European Asylum System. The communication will be followed up with other flanking initiatives in the coming weeks and months, notably a Communication on EU Agenda for Integration and a 2nd Annual Report on Asylum and Immigration to be presented on the 24th of May.

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10:00:00 Generic and title 00:00:15
10:00:15 Lampedusa airport building and italian coast guard plane landing; italian coast guard boat leaving the harbour; boat cruising through rough sea; italian coast guard footage of a rescue operation, Lampedusa, Italy, 02/2011 (16 shots) 00:01:32
10:01:47 Centre for immigrants, in Lampedusa, with people entering; Tunisians seated in the Centre; EU flag at the entrance of the Centre for immigrants; Courtyard inside the Centre with a doctor; Tunisians on the balcony of their rooms; Gates of the Centre closing and close up on the "Interior Ministry" sign on the gates (7 shots) 00:00:46
10:02:33 Exterior views of Caritas Hellas; Refugees waiting in line for clothes to be distributed; Men walking up stairs; Clothes and shoes being distributed; People arriving for the soup kitchen; Caritas Hellas workers preparing food; Various shots of food being served and people eating, Athens, Greece, 10/2010 (32 shots) The Catholic organisation Caritas runs a centre for refugees in Athens, Greece. Its soup kitchen offers hot meals for 250 refugees and food is donated to families once a month. Second-hand clothes are distributed three times a week to teenagers and adults (Greeks or refugees). Language training and medical care are also provided. The ever increasing numbers of migrants over the past years have made this a priority project for the organisation. 00:02:49
10:05:22 Views of the Ljubljana airport and zones for Schengen and non-Schengen passengers, Slovenia, 2008 (12 shots) 00:00:52
10:06:13 Views of the Warsaw airport and zones for EU and non-EU passengers, Poland, 2008 (6 shots) 00:00:46
10:07:00 Views of the border zone between Estonia and Latvia and people being controlled, 2007 (4 shots) 00:00:29
10:07:29 Asylum seekers queuing outside the "Foreigners' office" in Brussels; Asylum seekers in the waiting room of the "Foreigners' Office"; Analysis of digital tracks with the Eurodac system: it enables to compare fingerprints and to determine whether an asylum applicant has previously claimed asylum in another Member State, Belgium, 10/2009 (11 shots) 00:01:00
10:08:29 An expert interviewer receives an asylum seeker from Iraq who is claiming political asylum in Spain; Taking fingerprints of the asylum seeker and sending them to Eurodac, Madrid, Spain, 12/2008 (9 shots)During this interview, he gives his personal details and explains the reasons why he has fled his country and does not want to go back. On the basis of this information and the assessment of the interviewer, the asylum request will be granted or refused. 00:00:45
10:09:15 Women waiting to be interviewed for the seasonal migration programme in Mohammedia, Morocco; Workers boarding the ferry for the trip to Southern Spain; Strawberry fields, Moroccan women picking strawberries in Cartaya, Spain, 04-06/2008 (11 shots) 00:00:55
10:10:10 Illegal immigrants arrested by the police in the South of Spain, 07/2008 (13 shots) 00:01:49
10:11:59 General views of the refugee camp of Choucha, situated a few kilometers from Ras Jedir; Refugees and humanitarian Aid Teams in Ras Jedir Frontier Post, between Libya and Tunisia, where the humanitarian situation is compounded by the massive flow of people fleeing Libya, 03/2011 (7 shots) 00:00:41
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