Youth on the Move (B-Roll)

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End production: 07/09/2010
'Youth on the Move' will encourage EU countries to work together to give young people in Europe better opportunities to make the best of their skills. This can be achieved by improving the performance and international attractiveness of Europe's universities and by raising the overall quality of all levels of education and training in the EU. The Commission's upcoming proposal is a contribution to Europe 2020, the EU's reform strategy for the coming decade. The Europe 2020 goal is to develop, over the next ten years, an economy that is based on knowledge and innovation. Young people have an important role to play in this but they need more support in order to unleash their full potential. 'Youth on the Move' provides this support by contributing to better education, training and access to labour market.

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00:00:00 Interview first in English, later in Italian: “His new life in Denmark” Riccardo Adragna (Italian) – Account manager IT Company, Denmark 00:02:04
00:02:04 Many different shots of Riccardo Adragna at work 00:02:18
00:04:22 Interview: “We need foreign workers” Carine Turpin – HR Manager “Centre Pasori”, France 00:01:09
00:05:31 Interview: “I had no job in Spain” Luisa (Spanish)– Physiotherapist “Centre Pasori”, France 00:01:23
00:06:54 Many different shots of Luisa at work inside the “Centre Pasori” in France 00:01:25
00:08:19 Interview “Describes her actual job, why she left Portugal and the specific employment problems in her sector” Salomé Martins (Portuguese) – Professional Dancer, Ballet National de Marseille, France 00:01:16
00:09:35 Many different shots of Salomé Martins dancing, Ballet National de Marseille, France 00:03:31
00:13:06 Interview: “N. Roche helps Salomé Martins in her search for future employment” Nathalie Roche - EURES Adviser, Marseille, France 00:01:02
00:14:08 Screen shots of the computer of N. Roche + S. Martins listening 00:01:34
00:15:42 Interview “Describes the results of the searches she just made for S. Martins” 00:00:18
00:16:00 Interview “Why he likes working in France” Gyulia Fodor (Hungarian) – Cook in a famous French restaurant, France 00:00:42
00:16:42 Many different shots of Gyulia Fodor at his work, France 00:03:45
00:20:27 Interview “His expectations when arriving in Estonia + What he learned there” Rune Sjolstad (Norvegian) – Project Manager for “Runway”, Estonia 00:01:12
00:21:39 Many different shots of Rune Sjolstad at his work, Estonia 00:01:30
00:23:09 Interview “The reasons why we recruit foreign workers” Aleksandra Huldesein, HR Manager “Runway”, Estonia 00:00:23
00:23:32 Many shots inside the offices of “Runway”, Estonia 00:00:49
00:24:21 Interview “Describes the Eures network” Marta Tracks, EURES Manager, Estonia 00:00:25
00:24:46 Street views of Tallinn, Estonia 00:00:33
00:25:19 Interview “Eures helped me find jobs all over Europe” Lisa Hellström (Swedish), Cook in Austria 00:00:27
00:25:46 Many different shots of Lisa Hellström busy working, Austria 00:01:18
00:27:04 Shots of the ski resort in Austria where is situated Lisa’s work 00:00:15
00:27:19 Ronnie Wenke (German), Hotel Receptionist, Austria 00:00:45
00:28:04 Ronnie Wenke busy working, Austria 00:01:38
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