Economic Downturn: Employment

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A special Summit dedicated to employment will take place in Prague on 07/05/09. The Prime Ministers of the Troika, i.e. the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain, José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, Vladimír Špidla, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, and the social partners will discuss the consequences of the crisis on employment. They will try to identify practical ways of keeping workers in their jobs, and to help those who have lost their jobs to find another one as quickly as possible. They will also discuss how the actions coordinated on a European level can complement actions taken at national level, as well as how to effectively use the tools and resources available on a European level, such as the European Social Fund and the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.In the framework of this Summit, the Audiovisual Service offers a infoclip that shows the following images:- the construction of a motorway in Poland;- a control center of Telenet, Belgium;- installation of transmission cables from the Cable Company for Telenet, Belgium;- a high speed train (AVE) in Spain;- the European Social Fund in action in Lithuania;- and the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund in action in Finland.

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00:00:15 Construction of a motorway in Poland: general views of the worksite, road, bridge and workers on site (10 shots) 00:01:16
00:01:31 Control center of Telenet in Belgium: employees and screens controlling the television channels broadcast by Telenet, and computer screens showing the peering traffic (6 shots) 00:00:48
00:02:19 Employee from the Cable Company installing Telenet transmission cables, Brussels, Belgium (6 shots) 00:00:51
00:03:10 The AVE, Spanish high speed train: workers building the tracks and bridges for the train, aerial views from a helicopter of the train linking Barcelona to Madrid, and views of the driver's cabin, traveling at a speed of 300 km/hour (8 shots) 00:00:59
00:04:09 Perlos Company which makes components for mobile phones, Joensuu, Finland: employees at work before the company tranfered its production to Asia, making 2000 people redundant (4 shots). 00:00:10
00:04:19 Mika Juvonen looking for work at the job centre, thanks to the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (7 shots)The goal of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) is to support workers, principally in regions and sectors that have been adversely affected by globalisation. The EGF aims to provide specific, individual assistance of a limited duration to workers who have been "personally and severely affected by redundancies resulting in significant changes in international business exchanges".[Image archives, 10/2007] 00:00:18
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