Georgia 2008

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This stockshot is part of a series on some Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. It is distributed on the occasion of the Extraordinary GAERC Council on Georgia/Russia, which will take place on Wednesday 13/08/2008. The stockshots contains pictures illustrating : - Tbilisi, the capital; - general views of the country and - energy: Samgory field.

Only the original language version is authentic and it prevails in the event of its differing from the translated versions.
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00:00:00 Generic and title 00:00:25
00:00:25 1. TBILISITbilisi is the capital of Georgia. It’s situated in East Georgia on the banks of the Mtkvari (Kura) River. The city is at a height of 380-770 m above sea level and has the shape of an amphitheatre surrounded by mountains on three sides. Tbilisi covers an area of 350 km², 40 % of which is constructed and developed. It has more than 1.300.000 inhabitants. Tbilisi was founded in the 5th century and made into a capital in the 6th century. Tbilisi is an economic, administrative and cultural heartland of Transcaucasia. It’s located strategically at the crossroads between Europe and Asia and emerging as an important transit route for global energy and trade projects. Historically it has been home to peoples from different cultures, religions and ethnicities.The Old Tbilisi is combining residential, religious, trade, industrial and cultural functions. It largely defines the beauty and flavor of the capital, with its medieval buildings and courtyards, narrow streets, overhanging balconies and the famous sulfur baths district several hundred metres from the Metekhi Church (1278–89). The Mother Georgia statue is one of the main sights of the city, dating back to the soviet period. Notable tourist destinations are Rustaveli Avenue (the main street of the city) and Freedom Square. The Academy of Science (1941) is one of Tbilisi's most important educational and cultural facilities. 00:06:59
00:00:25 Title 00:00:05
00:00:30 View of the "St. Mountain", TV tower 00:00:05
00:00:35 Views of the city (2 shots) 00:00:10
00:00:45 Mother Georgia statue (2 shots) 00:00:09
00:00:54 Metekhi tableland (the bank of Kura river), Metekhi church (2 shots) 00:00:10
00:01:04 Parliament of Georgia, EU and Georgian flags (2 shots) 00:00:11
00:01:15 Concert Hall 00:00:06
00:01:21 Kostava Avenue 00:00:06
00:01:27 National Academy of Sciences on the Rustaveli Avenue 00:00:09
00:01:36 Marriott Hotel, Blue Gallery and Kashveti Church on Rustaveli Avenue 00:00:16
00:01:52 Statue of famous Georgian public figures Akaki Tsereteli, poet, and Ilia Chavchavadze, writer 00:00:06
00:01:58 Rustaveli Avenue 00:00:11
00:02:09 Freedom Square 00:00:10
00:02:19 Chancellery of the Government (3 shots) 00:00:18
00:02:37 Delegation of the EU with EU sign and EU flag (4 shots) 00:00:23
00:03:00 Old Tbilisi: facades of buildings with overhanging balconies, Blue Bath, sulfur baths (10 shots) 00:01:12
00:04:12 Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali 00:00:05
00:04:17 Old Tbilisi: the Wine Rise, Shardeni Street, Erekle II Street and Bambis Rigi Street (6 shots) 00:00:59
00:05:16 Chavchavadze Avenue and Square, exterior of "People's Bank" (3 shots) 00:00:24
00:05:40 Rustaveli Avenue 00:00:11
00:05:51 View of the city 00:00:05
00:05:56 Navtlugi market, the only remaining open air market in Tbilisi: interior, people walking through the rows and shopping, fruit and vegetable details (8 shots) 00:01:03
00:06:59 Tbilisi International Airport: sign and exteriors (4 shots) 00:00:25
00:07:24 2. GENERAL VIEWSKotoraant Kari is a small village located in the mountains in the Kartly Region (East Georgia) near Mckheta (the capital of ancient Georgia). The village is at a height of 900 m above sea level. Village population is 800. 00:04:42
00:07:24 Title 00:00:05
00:07:29 Mountain landscape 00:00:08
00:07:37 Countryside and country road (2 shots) 00:00:12
00:07:49 Pasture, cows and goats (4 shots) 00:00:22
00:08:11 Country road and dog lying in the road (3 shots) 00:00:13
00:08:24 Country house 00:00:06
00:08:30 Exterior of the family Karelidze's house and Mariam sitting at the stove (5 shots) 00:00:37
00:09:07 Akaki Karelidze coming home with his cattle (2 shots) 00:00:15
00:09:22 The family at their open-air cattle shed (3 shots) 00:00:19
00:09:41 Inside the cattle-shed: calf and old lady milking a cow (3 shots) 00:00:21
00:10:02 Akaki working in his garden plot, mowing grass and hoeing ground (8 shots) 00:01:07
00:11:09 Gia Karelidze chopping firewood (4 shots) 00:00:27
00:11:36 View of the countryside 00:00:30
00:12:06 3. ENERGYThe Samgory field is located near Tbilisi. Its production is more than 165 million barrels.Samgory-Patardzeuli oil deposit is the territorial scope of Ioris Valley Oil&Gas L.L.C. which is the largest oil company in Georgia. It was established in July, 1995 by Georgia and Swiss parties. Since April 2007, the Georgian Oil&Gas Corporation (GOGC) has become a new owner of the company. ("Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" Ltd. was founded in 2006 with 100% state share. GOGC is the owner of the Samgory Oil Station - the biggest oil gathering station in the Samgory field area. ( 00:02:48
00:12:06 Title 00:00:05
00:12:11 Samgory-Patardzeuli field, Ioris Valley Oil and Gas Company 00:00:07
00:12:18 Gas separators and oil tanks in Samgory Oil Station, Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (4 shots) 00:00:24
00:12:42 Gas separators, oil tanks, pumpjacks and oil well in Samgory-Patardzeuli field, Ioris Valley Oil and Gas company (9 shots) 00:00:54
00:13:36 Gas separators and oil tanks in Samgory Oil Station, GOGC (8 shots) 00:00:44
00:14:20 Oil tanks and pumpjacks in Samgory-Patardzeuli field, Ioris Valley Oil and Gas company (3 shots) 00:00:20
00:14:40 Oil tanks and gas separators in Samgory Oil Station, GOGC 00:00:09
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