European Council of Brussels, 24-25/10/2002

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"Under a determined and well organised Danish Presidency, this was a very workmanlike and almost low-key Summit and yet it marked an historic breakthrough on the way to accomplishing the biggest enlargement of the Union ever. Heads of State and Government showed leadership and demonstrated a high degree of determination to achieve an overall successful outcome. Above all, they focused on the big picture. The new working methods simplified the arrangements and the preparation of an annotated agenda proved to be a useful tool for the preparation of Summit helping to focus the attention of Heads of State and Government on a few politically delicate issues. Everything is now down to the Copenhagen Summit. Much remains to be done but the results in Brussels make a successful conclusion much more likely. We are truly on the verge of a historic reunification in Europe." David O'Sullivan [25/10/2002], The Secretary General.

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00:00:00 Generic and title 00:00:25
00:00:25 I. General Atmosphere in Brussels and in the Press Centre 00:05:33
00:00:25 Title 00:00:05
00:00:30 General views of city (10 shots) 00:00:54
00:01:25 General views of Council press room (17 shots) 00:02:23
00:03:48 General views security measures, exterior Council building, control of pedestrians (7 shots) 00:00:44
00:04:32 Car controls around council building (8 shots) 00:01:00
00:05:32 General views of the "red area" maximum security zone (4 shots) 00:00:26
00:05:58 II. Pre-European Council Meeting between Gerhard Schröder and Jacques Chirac 00:01:25
00:05:58 Title 00:00:04
00:06:02 Arrival of Gerhard Schröder at the Conrad hotel in Brussels, Thursday 24/10 (2 shots) 00:00:25
00:06:27 Arrival of Jacques Chirac 00:00:18
00:06:45 Handshake 00:00:10
00:06:55 Round table (4 shots) 00:00:28
00:07:23 Arrivals of Heads of State and Government 00:05:17
00:07:23 Title 00:00:05
00:07:28 Aerial view of the Council 00:00:05
00:07:33 Arrival of Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, Michel Barnier, member of the EC in charge of Regional Policy and IGC, and Günter Verheugen, member of the EC in charge of Enlargement, at the Council and handshake with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Danish Prime Minister and President-in-Office of the Council, and Per Stig Møller, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs (5 shots) 00:00:31
00:08:05 Handshake between José María Aznar, Spanish Prime Minister, Ana Palacio, Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency (3 shots) 00:00:10
00:08:15 Handshake between Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian Prime Minister, Louis Michel, Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs, and with the Danish Presidency 00:00:17
00:08:32 Handshake between Göran Persson, Swedish Prime Minister, Anna Lindt, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency 00:00:25
00:08:57 Arrival of Gerhard Schröder, German Federal Chancellor, Joschka Fischer, German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, and handshake with Danish Presidency (5 shots) 00:00:29
00:09:26 Handshake between Wolfgang Schüssel, Austrian Federal Chancellor, Anita Ferrero Waldner, Austrian Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency 00:00:19
00:09:45 Handshake between Jan Peter Balkenende, Dutch Prime Minister, and Jaap De Hoop Schefr, Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency (3 shots) 00:00:15
00:10:00 Arrival and handshake between Bertie Ahern, Irish Prime Minister, and Brian Cowen, Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency (2 shots) 00:00:10
00:10:10 Arrival of Silvio BerlusconiI, Italian Prime Minister (6 shots) 00:00:26
00:10:36 Arrival of Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourgish Prime Minister, Lydie Polfer, Luxembourgish Minister for Foreign Affairs (4 shots) 00:00:23
00:10:59 Handshake between José Manuel Durão Barroso, Portuguese Prime Minister, António Martins Da Cruz, Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency (4 shots) 00:00:15
00:11:14 Arrival and handshake between Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, Jack Straw, British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs, and the Danish Presidency (6 shots) 00:00:22
00:11:36 Handshake between Kostas Simitis, Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency (3 shots) 00:00:19
00:11:55 Handshake between Paavo Lipponen, Finnish Prime Minister, Tarja Halonen, Finnish President, Erkki Tuomioja, Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Presidency (3 shots) 00:00:23
00:12:18 Handshake between Jacques Chirac and the Danish Presidency (3 shots) 00:00:22
00:12:40 III. Round Table 00:03:17
00:12:40 Title 00:00:04
00:12:44 José Maria Aznar talking with Anders Fogh Rasmussen 00:00:11
00:12:55 Gerhard Schröder reading some papers with Joschka Fischer in the coffee room 00:00:05
00:13:00 Tony Blair greeting Jacques Chirac 00:00:10
00:13:11 Göran Persson talking with Guy Verhofstadt and Anders Fogh Rasmussen 00:00:05
00:13:17 José María Aznar and Ana Palacio talking with Tarja Halonen 00:00:04
00:13:21 Romano Prodi talking with Guy Verhofstadt and Anders Fogh Rasmussen 00:00:09
00:13:30 Tony Blair talking with Anders Fogh Rasmussen 00:00:10
00:13:40 General view of Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen 00:00:08
00:13:48 Romano Prodi and José María Aznar reading a document 00:00:03
00:13:52 Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schröder reading the proposal together 00:00:06
00:13:58 Bertie Ahern talking with Anders Fogh Rasmussen 00:00:06
00:14:04 Jean-Claude Juncker reading the proposal with Jan Peter Balkenende 00:00:05
00:14:09 Romano Prodi talking with Christopher Patten, member of the EC in charge of External Relations, and Günter Verheugen 00:00:09
00:14:18 Arrival of Jacques Chirac and shaking hands with Gerhard Schröder 00:00:12
00:14:30 Silvio Berlusconi talking with José María Aznar 00:00:10
00:14:40 Romano Prodi talking with Christopher Patten 00:00:14
00:14:54 General view 00:00:07
00:15:01 Valery Giscard d' Estaing, President of the European Convention, talking with Romano Prodi, Michel Barnier and José Manuel Durão Barroso (24/10/2002) 00:00:07
00:15:08 Close up Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 00:00:06
00:15:15 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing greeting Silvio Berlusconi and Bertie Ahern 00:00:10
00:15:25 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing with the Danish Presidency 00:00:14
00:15:39 Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament, talking with Bertie Ahern and Chris Patten 00:00:06
00:15:45 Pat Cox arriving at the meeting room 00:00:05
00:15:50 Close up Pat Cox and Javier Solana, Secretary-General of the Council and High Representative for CFSP 00:00:07
00:15:57 IV. Working Dinner for the Members of the Council 00:01:13
00:15:57 Title 00:00:04
00:16:01 General view of the Solvay Library in Brussels 00:00:06
00:16:07 Arrival of Anders Fogh Rasmussen 00:00:09
00:16:16 Arrival of Romano Prodi talking 00:00:09
00:16:25 José María Aznar and Jacques Chirac at the table (2 shots) 00:00:10
00:16:35 General view 00:00:12
00:16:48 Romano Prodi, zoom out with Silvio Berlusconi 00:00:06
00:16:55 Anders Fogh Rasmussen with Javier Solana 00:00:06
00:17:01 General view 00:00:09
00:17:10 V. Press Conference 00:01:50
00:17:10 Title 00:00:04
00:17:14 General view 00:00:08
00:17:22 Anders Fogh Rasmussen in ENGLISH on the agreement reached by the Council on the mandate to finalise enlargement negotiations 00:00:46
00:18:08 Anders Fogh Rasmussen in ENGLISH on the agreement regarding the structural funds and budget compensation mechanism 00:00:36
00:18:44 Cutaways (3 shots) 00:00:16
00:19:00 IV. Statements 00:05:25
00:19:00 Title 00:00:05
00:19:05 Pat Cox in ENGLISH on the EP's support for no new pre-conditions for enlargement 00:01:02
00:20:07 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in FRENCH on the number of Treaty articles to be renovated profoundly or slightly due to future enlargement and the Convention 00:00:56
00:21:03 Tony Blair on the British rebate not being an issue 00:00:18
00:21:21 Tony Blair on the CAP's need to reform and liberalisation related to WTO policy 00:00:37
00:21:58 Jacques Chirac on the British rebate and the structural funds 00:00:59
00:22:57 Gerhard Schröder on the result of the Council 00:00:09
00:23:07 Gerhard Schröder on facing direct payment of the CAP in 2006 00:00:13
00:23:21 General view 00:00:05
00:23:26 Javier Solana on the agreement on security and defence policy, negotiations with NATO 00:00:36
00:24:02 Romano Prodi on the agreement reached in the Council 00:00:23
00:24:25 Copyright 00:00:24
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