1000th meeting of the CEC: presentation by Jean-Michel Folon of a watercolour on Europe

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The Commission of the European Communities held its 1000th meeting. To mark this event and also the 40th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, it wanted to focus on young people's interest in the future of the Communities. To feed this interest, she decided to invite the 1000 Elementary and Secondary Schools from the 12 Member States, to explain why they support the construction of Europe, putting a price of 1000 ECU for the award winning schools in each of the Member States. On this occasion she also received Jean-Michel Folon, who presented an original watercolour on Europe that will be used by 1992 to serve the image of the Communities in their campaigns. The first meeting of the Commission goes back to Thursday, July 6, 1967. The Commission in its present form exists since 1 July 1967, when the Brussels Treaty of 8 April 1965 on the merger of the institutions of the three Communities (ECSC, EEC and Euratom) entered into force after ratification by the six founding states.

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00:00:00 Jean-Michel Folon, Belgian painter, presents a watercolour to Jacques Delors, President of the CEC, in the presence of the Members of the CEC. Jean-Michel Folon explains (in FRENCH) the symbolism of the watercolour. Jacques Delors (in FRENCH) thanks him for his attention vis-à-vis the European integration; saying that he is a committed artist (2 shots) 00:02:32
00:02:32 Jacques Delors and Jean-Michel Folon discussing while heading towards the buffet (3 shots) 00:01:15
00:03:47 Speech by Jacques Delors (in FRENCH) saying that the gift of Jean-Michel Folon is sumptuous; on the first meeting of the CEC on July 12, 1967 and the fact that today they celebrate the 1000th meeting of the CEC. 00:01:25
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