Extracts from the debates on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law: - Russia (Bolotnaya Square events) - Uganda and Nigeria (homosexuality) - Security and human trafficking in Sinai

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Parliament passed three separate resolutions on Thursday, calling for urgent political dialogue with Uganda and Nigeria under the Cotonou Agreement on the recent laws against homosexuals; calling on the Russia to review the sentences passed on the Bolotnaya Square demonstrators; and calling for coordinated regional action to tackle human trafficking in Sinai.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Kristiina Ojuland, Rapporteur (ALDE, ES) : "Additionally to the notorious Magnitisky and Pussy Riot cases, the recent guilty verdict against 8 of the 2012 Bolotnaya Square demonstrators as well as the forced psychiatric treatment of one of the activist has been politically motivated. The corrupted regime in Russia has become confident in securing its positions and does not hesitate to use all means to make it clear. The EU is able to adopt effective measures such as targeted sanctions against those responsible for these autocratic and undemocratic decisions by refusing their entry to the EU and by freezing their assets there." 00:00:47
00:00:57 SOUNDBITE Marie-Christine VERGIAT (GUE/NGL,FR) Rapporteur : "Clearly Putin is back in the driving seat and that has been the case for some years now. But I must underline the fact that there is a degree of hypocrisies here, the present situation is nothing new, however certain Member States have had tendencies to protect Moscow over recent times Russia being an energy supplier of some countries in the EU and there are many who would always jump to the defence of Russia. Now something has budge, something has moved in the country. Russia has a system of autocratic, cleptocratic reactionary power, and the first citizens it's is own citizens , democratic, progressive. It's in the thought of them, of these many women and men fighting the regime and in particular of the Memorial leaders which we awarded our Sakharov Prize that I sign this on behalf of GUE/NGL and will vote this when it will be put to the vote." 00:01:00
00:01:57 SOUNDBITE (English) Janusz Lewandowski European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget : "We fully share the views of the Parliament on the verdict of 24th of February and this was clearly expressed by High Representative expressing her concern on the verdict for 3 reasons: first of all, the charges do not match the reality of events. There was nothing resembling mass riots. Secondly the sentences are of several years in prison and jail, they are nothing proportionate to the light nature of the events. Third, what was not mentioned in the House, but is equally important as the EU delegation was observing the trial, it suffered procedural short comings and this is number 3 reason for deep concern. So here is a serious question about the state of the rule of law in Russia; I personally have no illusions so we have to react." 00:01:06
00:03:03 SOUNDBITE (English) Charles Tannock (ECR, UK) : "Uganda President Yoweri Museveni's recent decision to enact harsh anti-gay legislation is profoundly disappointing. Among its most outrageous clauses is the prescription of life imprisonment for the so called case of aggravated homosexuality. Together with President Jonathan recent tightening of LGBT in Nigeria, these combined actions form a depressive narrative of discrimination against ordinary people whose only crime is to feel attraction to someone of their own sex. I reject the charges that homosexuality is somehow a colonial import, this matter is clearly a sensitive one, so we must be careful in our response not to alienate these governments and deter dialogue, but considering suspension from the Cotonou agreement as well as the redirection of the EU aid towards NGO's rather than central governments must be on the agenda as we demonstrate our commitment to promoting human rights for all irrespective of sex". 00:01:04
00:04:07 SOUNDBITE Marie-Christine VERGIAT (GUE/NGL,FR) : "Sinai is a vast region, and Egypt and Israel, the two countries concerned by this region, are not responding correctly particularly with regard to the needs of the Bedouin population. And they're cracking down on them with repressive measures. We are seeing an area where there is an increase mafia activity as well. We're seeing a particularly morbid form of human trafficking as well as organ trafficking. We're seeing sub-Saharan immigrants mutilated and having there organs harvested, 10 000 of migrants from Libya and from Syria have been subject to rape and torture. Israel will refuse to examine their asylum request in some cases they are being imprisoned in breach of international laws, all of this in the Sinai region." 00:00:54
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