Invasion of Ukraine by Russia: - extracts from the MEP's debate EPRef96017 //European Parliament , Strasbourg, EP Plenary session, Hemicycle //

Type: NEWS   Référence: 96017   Durée: 00:04:25   Première transmission: 12/03/2014  Lieu: European Parliament , Strasbourg, EP Plenary session - Hemicycle
Fin de production: 12/03/2014
MEPs condemn violation of international standards by Russia, which is believed to have sent the armed and masked troops currently occupying Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. MEPs put their suggestions for EU action to help resolve the current crisis to Commission President José Manuel Barroso

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Jose Ignacio SALAFRANCA SANCHEZ NEYRA (EPP, SP)" We must reject the referendum to be held next Sunday.It4s illegitimate, it's illegal and I think we have to support the Ukrainian government; We welcome the financial assistance, the rapid signing of the association agreement on the political chapters, headways in trade matters , i believe the EU should promote a conference at international level to deal with this situation." 00:00:24
00:00:34 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Jose Ignacio SALAFRANCA SANCHEZ NEYRA (EPP, SP) "If we do not take a rapid and efficient action consequences on the conflict are unpredictable." 00:00:08
00:00:42 SOUNDBITE (English) Hannes SWOBODA, (S&D, AT° ," I think what Russia does is not at all acceptable. but how strong are we with Russia. We know that Commissioner Oettinger said we have to interrupt negotiations about South stream, why are we negotiating about South stream? Why was it possible to kill Nabbuco for example? Why did we accept? Why did some member states accept to bring again Russian gas to into it and not gas from other countries? Why 2 or3 weeks ago Mr Orban signed a nuclear agreement with Russia? We would have been in a much stronger position if we would have had a clear policy of industrial independence. And we have the report in the Foreign affairs Committee on independent energy policy, why was it not accepted by the Council and promoted by the Commission? We would be in a better position today against Russia . Now on the referendum let us be very clear. This is not a legitimate referendum. All referendum in the past have been totally different. If it was East Timor, if it was South Sudan, if it would be the referendum in Scotland, it is on a legal basis, international observers, no military putting pressure on the national Assemblies. Russia cannot say it is about the will of the people of Crimea. No , the referendum is enforced." 00:01:32
00:02:14 SOUNDBITE (Dutch) Johannes Cornelis VAN BALEN (ALDE, NL)," We have to have serious sanctions, serious economic sanctions that will hurt Russia and unfortunately will also hurt us and we should be prepared to do it because the Russian actions are not only illegal , but they destroy the Helsinki process in which we in Europe have said the borders are to be accepted and can only be changed through international law." 00:00:28
00:02:42 SOUNDBITE (German) Rebecca HARMS (Greens/EFA, DE)"What particularly worries me is 100 years after WWI is that Russia is prepared simply to follow the pattern of the last century propaganda and basically push one population against the other, and that is the way you can see it done by the Russia media. How is Europe going to deal with that? 00:00:28
00:03:10 SOUNDBITE (German) Rebecca HARMS (Greens/EFA, DE)"45% of Russia's trade is with the EU . We don't need to find ourselves falling in some kind of military conflict to make it clear Russia that if they want to isolate themselves, then that's what's going to happen." 00:00:19
00:03:29 SOUNDBITE (Polish) Jacek Olgierd KURSKI (ECR,PL)" It is appalling that the EU is involved in Putin's plan. Schroeder is there in Gazprom as the useful idiot , the dog of the KGB's Hitler. It's petrodollars, its gas dollars that are bank rolling Putin's campaign against Ukraine. " 00:00:28
00:03:57 SOUNDBITE (German) Elmar BORK, (EPP,DE)" There is no explanation for what Russia has done because there are legitimate institutions in Ukraine and there is no persecution of Russian minority in Ukraine . The will to freedom of the people is of crucial significance and for this reason if the sovereignty of the people to decide on its own faith and this something which is very important 00:00:16
00:04:13 SOUNDBITE (English) Charles TANNOCK (ECR, UK)" The EU must hit Russia hard with tough economic sanctions. Putin must understand that these sort of aggressive actions have no place in modern Europe and will not go unpunished. 00:00:12
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