Preparations for the European Council meeting (20-21 March 2014):

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- extracts from the MEP's debate Background: Today MEPs debated and expressed their viewpoint on the next EU Council summit, which will be the last before the European elections and therefore it was also a moment to invite Commission and Council to use that summit to draw their own conclusions on the outcome of their performance during this legislative period.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France (1 shot) 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (French): Joseph DAUL, (EPP, FR), President of the EPP group: "Europe has to be united in order to be strong and that is a way in which we can get our voice heard around the world, the decisions taken by the Council on energy policy and competitiveness in the European semester are driving forces I think to push forward our ambitions on Europe. In the absence of an energy policy for the 28 countries we will be hostages to energy providers who are in unstable regions ready to use energy as an economic weapon and that dependency cannot and should not continue." 00:00:33
00:00:43 SOUNDBITE (English): Hannes SWOBODA, (S&D, AU), President of the S&D group: "We have today in Europe in many countries a brain drain and we have no actions of the European Union to keep our best people in Europe to give them a job, there the Council and the Commission fails totally." 00:00:13
00:00:56 SOUNDBITE (English): Guy VERHOFSTADT, (ALDE,BE), President of the ALDE group: "We are still in the middle of banking crisis, we have still not created a system that is capable to transfer the money from the banks to the real economy, that is the problem. A small and medium company in Greece is for example is still facing 7-10 per cent of interest rates for doing investments, the same for a small company in Italy. We shall not recover if we don't first of all create a Banking Union." 00:00:29
00:01:25 SOUNDBITE (German): Rebecca HARMS, (Verts/ALE, DE)Co-President of the Green group: "You have to act in a timely manner and I think that this Council is a good moment to do so, you have abundant the irresponsibility of current climate and industrial policy because otherwise there won't be a success in Paris (UNO climate summit) you won't get a success if you pick the goal you have set. You are moving away from the goals of 2 degree that we have set in the past and you also have given up the idea that with ambitious climate goals we can contribute to innovation and industrial growth." 00:00:40
00:02:05 SOUNDBITE (Portugese): Elisa FERREIRA, (S&D,PT) and rapporteur of the Single resolution mechanism (Banking Union): "We want a Banking resolution with is credible and that is properly stable. I think that shareholders, tax payers and others need to be speared in the cases of banking resolution, we need to sure that the banks finance the Single resolution mechanism in line with their possibilities." 00:00:21
00:02:26 SOUNDBITE (German): Herbert REUL, (EPP, DE): "Research and innovation is an area where the State could do more and the last few years I think we could have done better. We need a cross-board industries support, we need competitiveness projects, we need a 20 per cent industrial share, that is a Commission projects and we need a competitiveness check on all the legislation we in act here. We need to know whether we are helping or hurting European industry." 00:00:38
00:03:04 SOUNDBITE (French): Pervenche BERES, (S&D, FR): "A spring Council is not simply for carrying out the European semester, which is nothing more than an austerity semester, rather is to to put together an European semester that doesn't further deepen the social fractures that exist in Europe after 10 years after Mr Barroso's Presidency. Well, they say they need social indicators, but they don't follow them up." 00:00:26
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