Vote on EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement: - extracts from the vote on the report Carmen FRAGA ESTEVEZ (EPP, ES)

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End production: 10/12/2013   First transmission: 10/12/2013
MEP's adopted today the protocol to the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement. It will guarantee that fishermen from 11 EU countries will again be able to fish in Moroccan waters. The new agreement, which will apply for four years, provides for an annual EU payment of €30 million, including €14 million to support the development of the Moroccan fisheries sector. The European Parliament rejected the previous agreement in December 2011. At the time, some MEPs argued that its cost-benefit ratio was too low, but the key issue was whether it took sufficient account of the interests of the population in the disputed Western Sahara area. Result of the vote : 563 voting ; 310 in favour ; 204 against ; 049 abstentions.

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