Second EU Conference on Youth Employment, Paris (3/6):

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- statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President EPRef94751 // European Parliament ,

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00:00:05 SOUNDBITE (French) Martin SCHULZ, EP President : With some relief, the Member States and Governments have understood that the question of the employment of young people or say the issue of youth unemployment can destroy social cohesion in some Member States of the European Union. '. Today's conference is good, but what is needed are concrete results. We need to show people what we are doing is useful, and helps especially to the improvement of every day, living conditions and not only to young people but also for their parents. 00:00:36
00:00:41 SOUNDBITE (French) - Martin SCHULZ, EP President : "I believe that what we call the guarantee of youth, its means that those who drop out of school or who have completed their vocational training will find a place either to continue their education ether a job place. To help these regions or members States of the European Union who are struggling to finance it, the 3 billion for 14 and 15 (States, Editor's note) are well invested but this is pointless if there is not a combination between the European and national means. 00:00:31
00:01:12 SOUNDBITE (French) - Martin SCHULZ, EP President : First of all, I believe that the priority is for the Member States which have the highest unemployment figures, i.e. the States as Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy; certainly few regions in France also, and also in Eastern Europe, should not be distributed according to the percentage of the population, it is necessary to invest where the problem is the largest. 00:00:25
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