Vote on Specific conditions to fishing for deep-sea stocks in the North-East Atlantic: - extracts from the vote - statement by Kriton ARSENIS (S&D, EL), rapporteur EP Committee on Fisheries EPRef94708 // European Parliament , Brussels,

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End production: 04/11/2013   First transmission: 04/11/2013
The legislative report on establishing specific conditions to fishing for deep-sea stocks in the North-East Atlantic is voted by the Fisheries Committee on 04.11.13. The proposed rules aim to ensure the sustainable exploitation of deep-sea species while minimising the impact of deep-sea fishing activities, improve scientific knowledge and implement technical management measures as recommended by the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission

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00:01:47 SOUNDBITE (English) Kriton ARSENIS (S&D, EL)," there was a very heated debate in the EP with very diverging positions. We managed to find a global compromise with almost all the parties on board, the huge majority. The compromise does not support the proposal of the European Commission to ban deep sea bottom trawling, but it introduces a new element to the Commission proposals, a very important element: the ban on fishing in areas where we have vulnerable marine ecosystems which are the sponges and the corals. This is a very important step ahead .because it is those areas that area the feeding grounds of the deep sea stocks, protecting those areas means that we have better chances for the recovery of deep sea stocks. this is what the compromise is about in the FISHERIES Committee and I believe it sis a serious step ahead in the protection of the species." 00:00:58
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