Vote on the Situation in Egypt: - extracts from the vote

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End production: 12/09/2013   First transmission: 12/09/2013
All acts of violence, terrorism and incitement in Egypt must be halted immediately, in the best interests of the country, MEPs said in a resolution passed by a show of hands on Thursday. They called on the interim authorities to end the state of emergency and to release all political prisoners, including the ousted former President Morsi, to create conditions for an inclusive political process. MEPs condemn the security forces' disproportionate use of force to break up the Rabaa and Nahda square sit-ins and the resulting tragic loss of life, but also the Muslim Brothers' failure to prevent grassroots violence. The interim authorities and the army have a duty to ensure the security of all citizens in the country regardless their political views and affiliation, MEPs stress and call for independent investigation of all killings. The text calls for power to be transferred to democratically-elected civilian authorities as soon as possible. Egypt should hold free and fair presidential elections as soon as possible, open to all democratic players, say MEPs, stressing that banning or excluding any democratic political force or player can only lead to increased radicalism.

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