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Plans to introduce measures to promote the mobility and employment of young people and a European Quality Framework for Traineeships were debated on Wednesday and will be put to a vote on Thursday. Member states must adapt their teaching systems to labour market needs and eliminate all barriers so as to offer the best cross-border traineeship possibilities to young people, says a draft resolution by the Culture Committee. To prevent the exploitation of young trainees, Employment Committee MEPs call on the Commission to propose a European Quality Framework for Traineeships, including criteria for compensation, working conditions and health and safety standards

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (Greek) Georgios PAPANIKOLAOU (EPP, GR), Rapporteur: "We have to take very decisive steps on questions of employment, training and education, because the programmes that we have haven't been fully implemented yet. Both the Council and the Commission have to facilitate the transfer of funds where they're needed to support young people. We need to insist on our positions, we're asking for greater spending on education and youth creativity as well, but over the last few years we've seen huge cuts in budgets by a large number of member states". 00:00:38
00:00:48 SOUNDBITE (Greek) Georgios PAPANIKOLAOU (EPP, GR), Rapporteur: "The fact that to date millions from the funds through and until 2013 have not been used cannot be satisfactory to anyone's mind, particularly when youth mobility is at a very low level as well and we in Europe are dragging behind the US and Japan on innovation. We need even more audacious programmes on incentives for entrepreneurs so that we can get more young people on to the labour market". 00:00:34
00:01:22 SOUNDBITE (Polish) Joanna Katarzyna SKRZYDLEWSKA (EPP, PL), Rapporteur: "There is a need to extend the coverage of the guarantee for people over 30, this is missing in the Berlin declaration after the meeting of the labour and social affairs ministers. We need to promote the possibility of employment by supporting SMEs so that they can offer jobs to young people". 00:00:40
00:02:02 SOUNDBITE (Polish) Joanna Katarzyna SKRZYDLEWSKA (EPP, PL), Rapporteur: "The Traineeships should not be a form of exploitation and this work should be adequately remunerated. Another problem to be addressed in a coordinated manner with the education sector is the one of young people who drop out from the education system. They need to be helped by the authorities so to prevent the risks of social exclusion". 00:00:38
00:02:40 SOUNDBITE (English) László ANDOR, Commissioner: "The Youth Employment Initiative should target support to regions with a level of youth unemployment above 25% and should in particular aim at making the youth guarantee a reality for young people under the age of 25. These are key provisions, since the future of Europe lies also with its capacity to unleash the young people's potential". 00:00:23
00:03:03 SOUNDBITE (English) László ANDOR, Commissioner: "We need to act quickly, the European Council has called on all 20 member states eligible for funding under the 6 billion Youth Employment Initiative to develop Youth Guarantee implementation plans by the end of 2013, another by spring 2014. YG implementation plans should in particular set out how the YG will be implemented and financed". 00:00:26
00:03:29 SOUNDBITE (English) László ANDOR, Commissioner: "We identified in our employment package the green economy, the health and the ICT sectors as critical sectors for job creation today and in the years to come. I particularly welcome that your report stress that those sectors are particularly relevant for young people". 00:00:20
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