EE2014 launch campaign. Statements by: - Anni PODIMATA (S&D, EL), EP Vice-President - Othmar KARAS (EPP, AT), EP Vice-President

Type: News   Reference: 94417   Duration: 00:05:34  Lieu: Strasbourg, France - European Parliament
End production: 10/09/2013   First transmission: 10/09/2013
Background: In the run-up to the 2014 European elections, the European Parliament is officially launching its awareness and information campaign on Tuesday 10 September. Vice-Presidents Podimata (S&D, EL) and Karas (EPP, AT) held a press conference today to brief media on the details of the campaign.

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00:00:05 Exterior, European Parliament, Strasbourg, (1 shot) 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Anni PODIMATA (S&D, EL), EP Vice-President: "The European Parliament is a very influential and very strong legislator, at the same time, the European Parliament is the guarantor of democracy and transparency in the EU. That's why we are saying to European citizens that they have to use their power; they have to use their vote, because they are the only ones to have the possibility to determine the political majorities in the European Parliament, and through these political majorities, reshaping Europe, define the Europe that they wish". 00:00:36
00:00:46 SOUNDBITE (English) Anni PODIMATA (S&D, EL), EP Vice-President: "The possibility for the European citizens to have a direct influence on the nomination, on the election of the new head of the European Commission is a very important one, because it clearly underlines, demonstrates, the Europeanization of our policies." 00:00:20
00:01:06 SOUNDBITE (English) Anni PODIMATA (S&D, EL), EP Vice-President: "Hopefully all the major European political parties appoint candidates for the post of the head of the new European Commission, so this is somehow the EU government. That means that through their vote, through their choice, the European citizens will have the power to influence the head and that means the direction that the next European Commission will take". 00:00:33
00:01:39 SOUNDBITE (English) Anni PODIMATA (S&D, EL), EP Vice-President: "We are all full aware that these elections are probably the most crucial elections in European history because of the difficult environment of the crisis. We want to send a strong message to European citizens and tell them that they have the power, they have the possibility to reshape Europe". 00:00:22
00:02:01 SOUNDBITE (English) Anni PODIMATA (S&D, EL), EP Vice-President - Greek version. 00:01:18
00:03:19 Intro shot Othmar KARAS (EPP, AT), EP Vice-President. 00:00:20
00:03:39 SOUNDBITE (German) Othmar KARAS (EPP, AT), EP Vice-President: "The influence and the empowerment of the citizens is related in a democracy directly on the power and decision making process of their representatives in their Parliaments. The European Parliament is the biggest chamber of the European Union, it is the 2nd biggest chamber of the world, in this House 70% of the National legislation is regulated by EU directives and there is no decision on the European community law without the consensus of the European Parliament and therefore is the strength of this House the strength of the each European citizens in this democracy." 00:00:56
00:04:35 SOUNDBITE (German) Othmar KARAS (EPP, AT), EP Vice-President: "Our situation is differing and challenging and therefore is our most important task for our citizens to regain this Parliament and that we make the European democracy our concern, our slogan reflects this: ACT, REACT, IMPACT. We have to get involved!" 00:00:33
00:05:08 SOUNDBITE (German) Othmar KARAS (EPP, AT), EP Vice-President: "There a many misunderstanding about the decision making role of the European Parliament. There is an aspiration for more democracy, transparency and more control. The European Parliament mirroring the realisation citizen's wishes. Every vote will count." 00:00:26
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