Vote on Music copyright: - extracts from the vote EP Committee on Legal Affairs EPRef94386 // European Parliament , Brussels, room ASP 1G3 - 10.30-11.30 //

Type: News   Reference: 94386   Duration: 00:01:04  Lieu: European Parliament, Brussels
End production: 09/07/2013   First transmission: 09/07/2013
MEPs voted new music copyright rules to improve the management of societies collecting royalties and encourage the development of online services in the European Union. In her statement, rapporteur Marielle GALLO (EPP, FR) told her colleagues that new rules are designed to enable inventors and creators to digitally disseminate their works throughout Europe. This will also allow consumers to have access to a wide range of cultural content. New rules are also intended to allow the artists more benefit from their own performances. The rapporteur also addressed the economical gains of the new regulation, pointing out that facilitating the exchange of music, films, books, ideas, and thoughts is conducive to a better understanding among different communities.

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