European Investment Bank

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The EIB is the European Union's bank. It is the only bank owned by and representing the interests of the European Union Member States. The EIB works closely with other EU institutions to implement EU policy. As the largest multilateral borrower and lender by volume, the EIB provides finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects which contribute to furthering EU policy objectives. More than 90% of its activity is focused on Europe but EIB also implements the financial aspects of the EU's external and development policies. The EIB supports projects that make a significant contribution to growth, employment, economic and social cohesion and environmental sustainability in Europe and beyond. Priorities are: • Supporting the creators of 80% of new jobs (small and medium sized enterprises SMEs) • Addressing economic and social imbalances between the regions (cohesion) • Protecting and improving the natural and urban environment (environmental sustainability) • Promoting innovation through investment in ICT and human and social capital (innovation) • Linking regional and national infrastructure of transport and energy (Trans-European Networks) • Supporting a competitive and secure energy supply (sustainable energy) The EIB raises the bulk of its lending resources on the international capital markets through bond issues. Its excellent rating allows EIB to borrow at advantageous rates. All the projects EIB finance must not only be bankable but also comply with strict economic, technical, environmental and social standards. EIB 's corps of 300 engineers and economists screens every project, before, during and after lending. The EIB Group The EIB Group consists of the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF). The EIF focuses on innovative financing for SMEs. The EIB is the majority shareholder with the remaining equity held by the European Union (represented by the European Commission) and other European private and public bodies.

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00:00:58 Long-term investors meeting for growth and employment - The 2012 LTIC International Conference in Luxembourg with Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank (8/10/2012). (4 shots). 00:00:42
00:01:40 Arrival of Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank to EP Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Parliament, Brussels.(19/09/2012). 00:00:14
00:01:54 Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank, talking with MEP's. 00:00:09
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00:02:27 Visit of Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank to José Manuel Barroso, handshake, EC President in Brussels. 00:00:16
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00:02:52 Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank speaking at the annual press conference of the EIB in Brussels. (12/02/2012). 00:00:12
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