Alleged bugging of EU office by the US authorities:

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End production: 01/07/2013   First transmission: 01/07/2013
- statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President Background: The German Newspaper 'Der Spiegel' unveilled informations on which the impression can be gained that EU institutions had been bugged by U.S. authorities. EP President Martin SCHULZ asked the U.S. Ambassador to take position on those allegations. The EP is awaiting new informations before discussing further steps.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (German): Martin SCHULZ, EP President: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the media have a reported alleged spying by the American authorities in the EU buildings, this shocks me very deeply as it a doubtless shock to you, should be these allegations be true then this is a very serious matter indeed and a very blow for the relations between the EU and the United States. This afternoon I spoke to the U.S. Ambassador to the EU over the phone and I asked him to clarify the matter as swiftly as thoroughly as possible and I asked him to inform us whether these allegations are true or not and furthermore I have called on Mr Juan Fernando LÓPEZ AGUILARto convene a meeting of the coordinators of the Civil Liberties committee (LIBE) to discuss how to proceed. I also informed the American Ambassador if it proves true that there has been bugs installed in the EU offices in Washington I really don't think that the EP should be seen as an enemy force, I also think that would be a very serious blow for trust and certainty if this proofs true I would be rising energetic protest against this, I added that. I have every understanding for the need for preventive measure against terrorist, these are necessary and this requires the activity of security and secret services, but I don't think that EU institutions plan terrorist attacks, so therefore I think such procedures would be completely unacceptable." 00:01:59
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