Lithuanian Presidency : - extracts from the press conference by Dalia GRYBAUSKAITE, President of Lithuania

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End production: 03/07/2013   First transmission: 03/07/2013
Lithuanian President Dalia GRYBAUSKAITĖ held a press conference in the European Parliament as Lithuania takes on the Presidency of the European Council. In the press conference, Ms. GRYBAUSKAITĖ addressed the focus points of the Lithuanian Presidency for the next six months. Developing the banking union framework and deepening the economic and monetary Union are some of the main priorities main concerns, together with creating a single EU energy market.

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00:00:10 Arrival of the Lithuanian President Dalia GRYBAUSKAITĖ 00:00:23
00:00:33 SOUNDBITE (English) Dalia GRYBAUSKAITĖ, President of Lithuania: "Energy became the Achille's space for Europe because EU became less and less competitive because of high energy prices. For Europe to have a joined energy policy, it must finish finally with isolation of some European parts of energy inter-connections and energy market is also already on the agenda which we were too late take into account. I am very happy that for Lithuania we will be having high a level meeting in Vilnius tackling the questions on finalizing the joint energy market and creating the joint space for Europe and by 2014 fighting back the isolation from energy resources and supply security." 00:00:52
00:01:25 SOUNDBITE (English) Dalia GRYBAUSKAITĖ, President of Lithuania: "The nuclear power plant, that was very important, and we are still considering to go with it or not, final decision is not made. But for such country, as Lithuania which is depending very much on imported energy resources is still very good to have a mixed energy economy with different generations of electricity. Today Lithuania is building an energy terminal, for liquid gas import, in two years we will be practically 50% independent, we will supply ourselves 50% of our needs. For electricity we are starting to use waste and bio fuel. Also, less and less, we are depending on imported fuel. But nuclear future is undetermined for this moment, but we do have all the infrastructure and experience and we are open if the project will be reliable, efficient, cost-efficient. Probably this question will be on the table for decision making." 00:01:10
00:02:35 SOUNDBITE (English) Dalia GRYBAUSKAITĖ, President of Lithuania: "In new MFF European Parliament requested flexibility and very rightly. With such low EU budget, without large levels of flexibility, there is no possibility to execute an European budget. I hope that after negotiations which have been performed by Irish Presidency on inter-institutional agreement with EP which included very large instruments of flexibility the EP today, just now, I hope and I wish them to vote accepting such kind of compromised negotiations and compromised product which was finalised with Irish Presidency." 00:00:52
00:03:27 SOUNDBITE (English) Dalia GRYBAUSKAITĖ, President of Lithuania:"Baltic Pride is not banned in Lithuania, it is allowed, it will be on 27th of July and the only discussions that are going are on the place, where it will be arranged, and the final decision will be done today, 2 or 3 hours from now in the Lithuanian court." 00:00:13
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