Extraordinary meeting on MFF: - extracts from the statement by Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), Chair of the Committee on Budgets EP Committee on Budgets

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Following the outcome of last Thursday's negotiations between EP President Martin SCHULZ and Prime Minister Enda KENNY of Ireland, Parliament is set to vote a political resolution on Wednesday, by a simple majority. Prior to this vote, the Chair of the Committee on Budgets Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR) made a statement on the current state of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) deal. The MFF negotiations are linked to the adoption of a number of amending budgets for 2013 and the adoption of the 2014 EU budget. The MFF sets expenditure ceilings per year and per EU policy. The final legislative texts - which are now under preparation - will be put to a vote in September. Parliament can accept the Multi-annual Financial Framework by qualified majority only.

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00:00:10 Atmosphere shots before the meeting of EP Committee on Budgets starts, arrival of Chair Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR) (5 shots) 00:00:20
00:00:30 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), Chair of the EP Committee on Budgets: "What is at stake here on the vote on Wednesday is to know if within the Parliament there is a majority which corresponds to the necessary majority for the final adoption of the MFF package. The vote on Wednesday is not the final adoption of the MFF package, because technically and legally we are not ready yet, the Council isn't ready, the Commission is perhaps ready and the Parliament is not ready". 00:00:38
00:01:08 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), Chair of the EP Committee on Budgets: "Therefore, this week is not a legal vote, but is a political vote of great importance, in fact is now when the Parliament will say yes or no politically. If the parliament says now, then the negotiations go back to scratch, if the parliament says yes, then we can consider that the political majority will find itself when we come back after the summer, under the condition, and we have to be clear here, it's not about the reopening the negotiations, the negotiation on the MFF is finished". 00:00:47
00:01:55 Cutaway Ann Jensen, EP rapporteur on the EU budget 2014. 00:00:07
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