Martin SCHULZ, EP President visits 12th EU Meeting of People experiencing poverty: - extracts from the speech - ambiance shots

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End production: 18/06/2013   First transmission: 18/06/2013
EP President Martin SCHULZ attended the opening of 12th EU Meeting of People experiencing Poverty. This programme has played an important role in driving the development of the direct participation of people experiencing poverty. The European meeting is a key visible moment in this process but as important is that it acts as a catalyst for national process and meetings of people experiencing poverty. The meetings have contributed to keeping poverty and social exclusion visible in the European agenda and they have contributed to some key areas of policy development such as adequacy of minimum income, child poverty, housing and homelessness, indebtedness, the links between discrimination and poverty (particularly the realities for Roma community), and the impact of liberalization on public services and the EU poverty reduction target.

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00:00:00 Cutaway shots participants attending the conference 00:00:00
00:00:00 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President 00:00:05
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00:00:10 Arrival of Martin SCHULZ, EP President at the meeting: "But you are right! You must be loud! You must be audible, you must be visible, poverty is not something put aside because we are shamed about. No, we are not shamed about poverty, we are shamed about the existence of poverty in Europe. You, as poor people, you should not be ashamed, you should be loud because the existence of poverty is a shame. And therefore, welcome, and good luck and you can count at least on me. If you can count on the majority of the European Parliament I don't know. I hope so. And I am sure that the overwhelming majority of my colleagues in the European Parliament shares my view that poverty in Europe should not exist and is inadmissible. But at least on what is concerning myself I share your view. "Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for welfare of the fellow man." This is right, therefore the fight against poverty is our common fight." 00:00:13
00:00:23 Ambiance shot of Austrian delegation to the conference presenting its slogan 00:00:12
00:00:35 Ambiance shot of Belgian delegation to the conference presenting its slogan 00:00:10
00:00:45 Ambiance shot of the Bulgarian delegation to the conference presenting its slogan 00:00:23
00:01:08 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: "In previous times the idea of Europe was more welfare, more jobs, more social justice, more equality. And for a very long time the promise was kept in Europe, always more growth, jobs, salaries, more equality, more access to information, more access to education. And as long as the promise was kept, we had a certain degree of equality in Europe, but more and more the promise is no longer kept." 00:01:51
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