Address by BORUT PAHOR, President of Slovenia Extracts form formal Sitting

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End production: 11/06/2013   First transmission: 11/06/2013
The President of Slovenia, Borut PAHOR delivered a formal address to the European Parliament. His speech focused on the future of the EU and on Slovenia’s position within the 27-member EU – soon to number 28 member states when Slovenia's neighbour country Croatia joins in July. The formal sitting was followed by a joint press conference of President PAHOR and European Parliament President Martin SCHULZ. Mr PAHOR has been president of Slovenia since December 2012. He was prime minister of Slovenia from November 2008 to February 2012 and a member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2008.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliament, Strasbourg 00:00:05
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00:00:28 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia "The right moment for the first important step will probably come after the European elections, next year, it is my assumption and also my wish that we would again have a Convention on the future Europe, and it is my wish that the work of this Convention would come to a closure with a political majority or even a consensus regarding the fact that for the future needs of our people for our future prosperity and our future what is required is a new Constitution" 00:00:47
00:01:15 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia "In the end people will probably want to decide on these crucial issues in a referendum. In every single European Country and this will provide the political legitimacy to this crucial decision. " 00:00:19
00:01:34 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia "The Lisbon Treaty will soon no longer be able to cater for the needs of tomorrow. it will no longer be able to solve the problems of the people we represent." 00:00:19
00:01:53 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia " Slovenia will overcome its difficulties and will once again become a success story in the EU.I have to say that the crisis had led to great mistrust towards all Institutions, towards the rule of law, it has diminished the confidence regarding the EU." 00:00:20
00:02:13 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia "Peace as the basis for prosperity can only be achieved with cooperation . If we want lasting peace , if we want greater prosperity, we will need enhanced cooperation. my message to this House and to everyone across Europe is that the heritage of peace and prosperity that we have already created can be protected in the future , it can be enhanced but only through increased political cooperation." 00:00:37
00:02:50 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia "If you allow me to use this opportunity , I would like to call on the EU Council to adopt a scheme that will allow young people to get new jobs tomorrow. Either through investment in SMEs and microenterprises or through education and training for young people" 00:00:26
00:03:16 SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) by Borut PAHOR, President of Slovenia " I look towards our future with great amount of faith and with an awareness that the Noble Peace Prize was not so much an award but a warning ; A warning to all of us and to our people that peace should never be taken for granted. And that we need to work for this peace every single day. this will be the only firm basis for our prosperity and I am convinced that that despite all the difficulties we are faced with, we can continue to do so. Thank you." 00:00:41
00:03:57 Applause from the Chamber (3 shots) 00:00:19
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