Vote on Food intended for infants and young children and food for special medical purposes: - extracts from the vote - statement by Frédérique RIES (ALDE, BE) , rapporteur EP Committee on Environment 

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End production: 29/05/2013   First transmission: 29/05/2013
MEPs from the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety voted on a legislative report on the composition and labelling of food for infants and for special medical purposes. The report recommends for a change on the rules of labelling and content of baby milks and food for people with special medical needs. It asks for a stricter legislation and better defined labels, in order to protect consumers and give clarity to the food industry. Rapporteur Frédérique RIES (ALDE, BE) asked for a more accurate labelling, presentation and advertising for food, clear and easy to understand for consumers.

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00:01:08 Soundbite (in French), Frederique RIES (ALDE, BE), Rapporteure : " This is a regulation that ensures, and in some cases that restores, the confidence of consumers and families of consumers. Because it is true that it is aimed - and I mentioned it this morning, because it's been a long time we are negotiating this settlement - it is aimed at very specific consumers because they are highly vulnerable consumers. Hence the name of this regulation. It concerns infants, babies under three years, ill patients, hospitalized patients, or very allergic persons. So they are very vulnerable patients, they are not consumers like everyone else and they deserve, perhaps more than others, special attention 00:00:35
00:01:43 Soundbite (in French), Frederique RIES (ALDE, BE), Rapporteure "There was a jumble around this Directive. Dietetic foods what is it? It covers products which quality and safety must absolutely be ensured and others that may be simple niche to charge higher prices. One may wonder if the bars, snacks and occasional replacement products - not the full meal replacements - that are intended simply to people who want to lose a little weight should be placed on the same footing, the same level that such products for premature babies and for hospitalized patients. No, of course. And that's why this settlement exists. Its purpose is to clean, to clarify, to reinforce - for these people who are now well-targeted, well-defined - it reinforces the quality and safety rules with respect to a variety of components, some of which will be excluded or in any case better monitored". 00:00:51
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