European Youth Week: Ambiance shots

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The YO! Fest is the annual youth festival organised by the European Youth Forum outside symbolic places of the European Institutions. It is a political festival with debates, workshops and music any many other activities, which mobilises youth organisations and other civil society partners. The programme features a large picnic, the flight of a hot-air balloon, and explosive concerts. It is the occasion for citizens to occupy the capital of Europe. The YO!Fest will be accompanied by music with concerts by many emerging youth bands.

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00:00:05 Ambiance shots with the picnic lawn, a group of mimers, young people with flags and umbrellas, people playing tennis, people eating outside, a mini-bowling alley, the Esplanade of the European Parliament (12 shots). 00:01:03
00:01:08 SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Peter MATJAŠIČ, President European Youth Forum: "The YO! Fest this year is aimed at the 25th anniversary of the youth programmes that we have at a European level, which is a great program for us because it motivates young people to implement activities, to create opportunities for others and to make them active citizens. That's what we believe in as a youth forum. This year I specifically hope that we will motivate young people to be active despite the weather, to come out and see what are the benefits of such youth programmes for them, how they can use them and, most important thing, we are launching The League of Young Voters which is a project that will aim at bringing out the voters next year, but not just the usual "let's bring out the young people", but make the politicians aware what are the issues for young people and why they need to care about young people themselves." 00:00:49
00:01:57 Cutaway shot League of Young Voters sweatshirt 00:00:02
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