Vote on Renewable energy in the European internal energy market: - extracts from the vote on the report Herbert REUL (EPP, DE) EPRef93846 // European Parliament , Strasbourg, EP Plenary session - Hemicycle // LINK

Type: News   Reference: 93846   Duration: 00:00:39  Lieu: European Parliament, Strasbourg
End production: 21/05/2013   First transmission: 21/05/2013
extracts from the vote

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliament, Strasbourg 00:00:05
00:00:10 EP presidency call the vote on Renewable energy in the European internal energy market. report by Herbert REUL (EPP, DE) 00:00:08
00:00:18 MEPS voting 00:00:09
00:00:27 EP Presidency closes the vote 00:00:06
00:00:33 Results of the vote on screen , 465 in favor, 177 against, 46 abstentions 00:00:06
00:00:39 END 00:00:00
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