Vote on Offshore oil and gas prospection, exploration and production activities: - extracts from the vote on the report Ivo BELET (EPP, BE)

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End production: 21/05/2013   First transmission: 21/05/2013
Parliament gave its green light on Tuesday to the new directive on the safety of offshore oil and gas operations. The new rules will require oil and gas firms to prove their ability to cover potential liabilities deriving from their operations and to submit major hazard reports and emergency response plans before operations can start. "We need more important standards when it comes to risk management. We believe that the rules we are currently coming up with can be used as a template at international level," said Ivo Belet (EPP, BE), who steered the legislation through Parliament that was adopted today by 572 votes to 103, with 13 abstentions. Referring to the Arctic, Mr. Belet noted that "the EU has no territorial waters in the North Pole area so it's difficult for us to envisage a moratorium on gas and oil exploration in this area."

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00:00:10 EP Vice-President Edward McMILLAN-SCOTT opens the vote on Offshore oil and gas prospection, exploration and production activities. He explains the legal basis of the legislation. 00:00:20
00:00:30 Final vote, digital screen with results: 572 votes to 103, with 13 abstentions. Shot on rapporteur Ivo BELET (EPP, BE). 00:00:15
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