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End production: 11/03/2013   First transmission: 11/03/2013
The TTE (Transport) Council will hold a debate on a proposal for a recast of the 2008 directive on the interoperability of the EU rail system, thereby starting its work on the "fourth railway package" recently published by the Commission. The recast, which is part of the technical pillar of the package, aims to accelerate the integration of the whole European rail network by removing existing administrative and technical barriers. The objective is also to guarantee a high level of safety while realising the full potential of the single market. Furthermore, the Council will take note of progress made on a proposed revision of the 2003 directive on the reporting of occurrences that could endanger aviation safety. The revision intends to improve the reporting system and to ensure efficient use of the data collected with a view to preventing future accidents. Finally, the Council will hear a presentation by the Commission of its recent "Clean power for transport" initiative and hold an exchange of views. The goal of the initiative is to break the oil dependence of transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport by accelerating the market uptake of alternative fuels and vehicles adapted to their use. The initiative consists of a communication setting out a European alternative fuels strategy and a proposal for a directive on the deployment of a minimum infrastructure for alternative fuels throughout the EU. Over lunch, ministers will discuss the issue of road safety.

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00:00:05 SOUNDBITE by Leo Varadkar, Irish Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and President in office of the Council (In English) saying that: There are 3 main items on the agenda. The first relates to the Fourth Railway Package which is the next step really in building a common European railway area. This is going to focus mainly on safety issues and intra-mobility; there has been an intense debate about that but I think if you look back on what has been done in aviation to create a single aerospace in the past 10 years, we're starting to make the first 2 steps if you like in the railways. The second part is an issue to do with occurrence reporting in civil aviation; we expect the number of flights in Europe to almost double in the next few decades and we need to have different systems for doing that and the third issue relates to clean power where we will hear the Commission's proposals to require member states to provide infrastructure for electric vehicles and for CNG and LNG powered ships and heavy goods vehicles. That is very ambitious and exciting because I think in the decades to come; the best response we can make to climate changes is trough technology so the few other issues we'll discuss will be on the EU-Brazil aviation agreement and also the emission trading systems as well. 00:01:10
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00:01:22 SOUNDBITE by Ana María Pastor Julian, Spanish Minister for Public Works (In Spanish) saying that: I trust that it may ultimately be a deal because, as you know, the airline industry and Iberia is very important for the future of our country. Not only for the future of our workers but also for the future of our airports and tourism in Spain and connectivity with Latin America. I wish we could reach an agreement on the proposal that the mediator has put on the table and we can all work in the same direction. 00:00:34
00:01:56 SOUNDBITE by Peter Ramsauer, German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (In German) saying that: We are going to discuss today on the harmonization of technical norms for licencing procedure regarding the railway system. We are not going to discuss however the aspect of company structures, it is not the time to speculate on this aspect of the Commission's proposal. 00:00:38
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