Cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law: Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Guantánamo - extracts of the debate

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Cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law: Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Guantánamo - extracts of the debate

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00:00:05 EXTERIOR SHOT on the European Parliament, Strasbourg 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Cecilia MALMSTRÖM, European Commissioner for Home Affairs "From the European Union we value the increasing and positive relationship that wa have with Vietnam : close relationship has developed to a point to allow for an open and frank discussion also on issues of disagreement. We must of course take into account the very long journey that Vietnam has travelled over the last years. There has been progress in many areas. Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in the world in the end of the 80s, and within a quarter of a century Vietnam has lifted millions of people out of poverty and made progress. However, other areas, those of them mentioned in your resolution for instance, we do have concerns and we regularly raise the issue with Vietnam on all levels. Following the sentencing of bloggers last September, High Representative Catherine Ashton expressed her serious concern calling the Vietnam to respect its international obligations and to release the convicted bloggers immediately." 00:00:59
00:01:09 SOUNDBITE (English) Liisa JAAKONSAARI (S&D, FI) "In the last November in the context of our report on enhancing the EU-Kazakhstan PCA that we called on Kazakhstan not to abuse the legitimate fight against extremism as an excuse to ban opposition activity and hinder freedom of expression. However, Kazakhstan ignore our call and banned the opposition party ALGA, and quite a number of media were charged with extremism." 00:00:30
00:01:39 SOUNDBITE (English) Leonidas DONSKIS (ALDE, LT) "The situation is really deteriorating. Vladimir Kozlov, who was arrested immediately after his visit to the European parliament, is kept in prison under very degrading conditions. More than that, Aliya Turusbekova, his wife, is increasingly threatened and intimidated by authorities for what they describe as subversive activities, which is in fact nothing other that the crack down and a very brutal one on freedom of expression and opposition." 00:00:26
00:02:05 SOUNDBITE (English) Tanja CRONBERG (Greens/EFA, FI) "Kazakhstan is increasingly important international partner in the region also for the EU, I specially note a support in the recent talks with Iran, and also the proposal to establish an international fuel bank in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has also an ambition to engage as a mediator in facilitator in international security issues. However, Kazakhstan authorities need to respect the international commitments they have signed up to, including the ruel of law and the independency of the Judiciary." 00:00:36
00:02:41 SOUNDBITE (Finnish) Mitro REPO (S&D, FI) "Neither the United States of America nor the European Union have included Human Rights clauses in their trade agreements with Kazakhstan. Under no circumstances should we be trading that punishes people with their lives." 00:00:20
00:03:01 SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Rui TAVARES (Greens/EFA, PT) English translation "I think it's shameful that we have decided to only have a debate today without a political resolution because the Parliament House is the place were you debate things to send out a political message. It's not somewhere where we chat around a table having a cup of coffee. We want a resolution where we call upon the United States to do something because European Countries have cooperated on thing such as the illegal detention of these prisoners but this problem should now be resolved, it cannot wait. To finish I want to say that I found it very regretful that some colleagues have really used the attack that took place in Boston which I reject and I express my solidarity with the victims, to get out from us having the vote on this. This sort of events should never be used as a political mean." 00:00:57
00:03:58 SOUNDBITE (English) Marietje SCHAAKE (ALDE, NL) "Just as the United States Europe has seen its share of terrorism and we continue to fight it to this day. However, similar to how se seek to defend our open societies against attacks from the outside, we must defend them against erosion from within. Security and freedom are no zero sum game. The America we value as a partner, as an ally, betrays its Constitution, by compromising basic principles such as the presumption of innocence and Human Rights in general. Human Right also apply to suspects or those convicted of even the worst crimes. It is those values that distinguish with open societies from closed ones. The National Defence Authorization Act marks a low point in American history. Indefinite detention without trial ? If it would happen in say Egypt, the US would rightly so be the first to criticize." 00:00:58
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