2012 comprehensive monitoring report on Croatia :

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- extracts of the debate Background: MEPs debated today at the Plenary Session in Strasbourg on the Croatia 2012 comprehensive monitoring report. They called here on the last two Member States that still have to approve Croatia's accession to join the EU (in July) without further delay. The EP gave its consent already on 1 December 2011.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France (1 shot) 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English): Lucinda CREIGHTON, Irish Minister of European Affairs, speaking on behalf of the European Council Presidency: "The process of ratifying the accession treaty for Croatia is advancing extremely well and we are confident that it will be completed in time. This will allow us very soon what had been concluding a long journey which started 10 years ago. It is a process that will finally see Croatia to take its right and proper place in the family of European people's." 00:00:19
00:00:29 SOUNDBITE (English) Stefan FÜLE; EU Commissioner for enlargement: "Croatia arrives at a moment when European Union is experiencing its most serious financial and economic crisis. Many decisions had been taken to overcome the crisis over the last few years and Croatia can now provide its contribution to the resolution." 00:00:20
00:00:49 SOUNDBITE (English) Stefan FÜLE; EU Commissioner for enlargement: "Croatia will also set to new strategy goals, joining Schengen and adopting the Euro. For the later Croatia will need to enhance its competitiveness of its economy and continuing the structural reforms they started" 00:00:20
00:01:09 SOUNDBITE (English): Libor ROUCEK, (S&D, CZ), rapporteur: For Croatia the membership in the EU it is a 'Golden opportunity' to improve the functioning of the country, to improve the functioning of the State apparatus and to improve the functioning of the economy and as already mentioned to take out the country on the path economic growth." 00:00:33
00:01:42 SOUNDBITE (German): Bernd POSSELT, (EPP, DE): "I find it all the more problematic if there are demands in the last minute about having again another monitoring on Croatia, we here are giving again a positive signal and we are looking forward to the membership of Croatia." 00:00:13
00:01:55 SOUNDBITE (Slovene): Ivo VAJGL, (ALDE, SL): "It is just a shame that Croatia spend so long in the waiting room so to speak, it is true that the EU is now in a worse shape that it was a few years ago, but the perhaps the election turnout in the election reflected that. However the accession of Croatia to the EU gives the country significant possibilities, it has adapted its legislation and the Commission is monitoring the process aligning the legislation. We should commend Croatia for its work there." 00:00:54
00:02:49 SOUNDBITE (English): Marije CORNELISSEN (Verts/ALE, NL): "After accession Croatia will fully participate in the EU2020 and be accountable under the economic governance mechanism like any other Member state. We are worried about the fall of GDP, about the unemployment rate that is just under 20 percent, if we take Croatia seriously as a fellow new Member state we need to express there worries and I hope you will support this." 00:00:17
00:03:06 SOUNDBITE (English): Charles TANNOCK, (ECR, UK): "Zagreb has work to do in tackling corruption and organised crime, facilitating the work of investigative journalists and liberalising access to information in generally. It has already taken many positive steps in these regards and the imprisonment of the former President Ivo Sanader emphasises the reach of their Justice system. My final note what is now the final debate before Croatia's accession will be the call on that country once again to all encounter 1990 war criminals to justice and to use all the powers of the State to help former refugees and IDP's , but we can all acknowledge the hard work that Croatia had done on all of these points. 00:00:39
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