Vote on Groundhandling services at European Union airports: - report by Artur ZASADA (EPP, PL).

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End production: 16/04/2013   First transmission: 16/04/2013
Plans to open up ground-handling services at major EU airports to more competition by increasing the minimum number of service providers were backed by Parliament in a vote on Tuesday. To guarantee high efficiency of services and prevent social dumping, MEPs added minimum quality standards and safeguard clauses for staff transfers to the Commission's initial proposal. The amended proposal was adopted by 455 votes to 239, with 18 abstentions. Parliament inserted minimum service quality standards, which must be respected by the ground-handling companies operating at European airports serving over five million passengers. “This will include the maximum waiting time for baggage check-in, maximum time for delivery of first and last items of baggage, and holding minimum stocks of de-icing fluid," explained rapporteur Artur Zasada (EPP, PL). Parliament will now start talks with Council to find a compromise agreement on the “airport package”, which includes two more legislative proposals on rules for allocating take-off and landing slots and noise-related operational restrictions. These amended proposals, aiming to increase airport efficiency, were approved at Parliament's first reading in December 2012.

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