Stockshots. Citizen's Dialogue.

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Stockshots. Citizen's Dialogue.

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00:00:00 I think this type of conference helps proximity European Union citizens and although Portugal is geographically distante. I think that is extremely important this type of conference, not only because they show that the European Union is closer to us as also for its other component, we can directly contact a senior European commission, in this case with the vice president Viviane. 00:00:28
00:00:28 Je pense que ça peut permettre au citoyen européen de se sentir plus concerné par l’Europe, justement parce que une représentante vient à la rencontre des citoyens, donc je pense que ça peux raprocher les citoyens de l’ Europe qui se sentent de plus en plus eloignés, par les Institutions, de plus en plus par la crise. Ça peux être un bon moyen de rapprocher. 00:00:24
00:00:52 I Expect to find some answers about the current political situation. I am very concern about the economy of Europe, and I came here to listen and to ask about the political situation and to ask about a federal way for Europe. I am really a strong believer of the United States of Europe, and I come here to see if that is possible right now. 00:00:22
00:01:14 Qu’est ce que l’Europe compte faire au niveau de la citoyenneté européenne, parce que je pense que c’est un des gros problèmes qu’on se sent pas vraiment européens, donc quelles sont les mesures peut-être qui sont prévues ou qui peuvent être mises en place pour que on se sente plus européens, plus concernés par l’Europe en général. 00:00:16
00:01:30 I Believe that is a strong effort, but I believe that is not enough, we have to create something more structural in order to enhance a debate that can happen more frecuently, among the citizens, and not necessarily in a big event, citizen must be ablo to connect with the European Union in a daily basis and not in a yearly basis or in particular moments. 00:00:25
00:01:55 C’est un bon moyen parce que je pense que pour les européens toutes ces institutions paraissent très éloignées, et beaucoup pensent encore qu’on dépend des instituions nationales alors que de plus en plus c’est en Europe, donc oui, je pense que sa rapproche. 00:00:13
00:02:08 I thought it was a good debate. I thought it was very important to have many people to want join and too many questions. I thought it was also interesting to have a confrontation of ideas and so much to see people who do not believe in a federal Europe as more people who believe in a more united Europe. 00:00:19
00:02:27 This debate specifically was an exercise in poor propaganda, I think that part was left out of the debate were people who had previously been chosen to speak on subjects that truly interest to most people. 00:00:13
00:02:40 The debate was good to see that we are disconnected from the reality of lidership of European policy and even national, remains disconnected from the national reality and people's day by day. They ask us to entrepreneurship but it is hard to perform in Portugal because the taxes are too large. 00:00:28
00:03:08 Sincerely, the Commissioner only answered what she wanted to answer, and many of the questions and the doubts that were rose weren’t answered at all, they weren’t answered directly. 00:00:17
00:03:25 They took the doubt here that there is miscommunication, One speak of garlic and other about oranges… The European realities are also very different, speak many different linguages, we have many different cultures, despite me being a supporter of federalism, I think the more united we are more stronger we will be but there is a way to do and many questions to take that approach so there. 00:00:38
00:04:03 Obviously there were some questions were the Commissioner was fleeing the topic, but it happens in all the debates. I hope the European Union and all the people involved in this project don’t stop here because it was one step forward, and it’s not because they came to Portugal once that the problem is solved 00:00:24
00:04:27 The Commissioner speaks with fake modesty talking about politicians, as if the situation that we are living were not political options not only of the Member States, but of the European Union as well. They wash their hands as if they had no responsibility at all, of the situation we are living today. 00:00:13
00:04:40 I think if we talked about many subjects and people were invited to talk about issues that are completely marginal or clichés that touch issues like entrepreneurship or clusters or bussines and angels do not speak of social issues, which is what matters most. I think the issue of the crisis was not addressed and therefore think it was a completely sterile exercise. 00:00:25
00:05:05 People don’t feel that their voice is heard in Europe and I think if these actions was more regularly we would have citizens more active and more interested in European politics 00:00:12
00:05:17 End 00:00:00
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