Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy): extracts from the arrivals and doorsteps

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On 22 February,Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy) is taking place under the chairemanship of the Irish Minister for Communications, Energy and natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte. The Council will hold a public policy debate on a draft directive on indirect land-use change amending the fuel quality and renewable energy directives, which aims to promote a transition to biofuels that deliver greenhouse gas savings. The Council will also hold a policy debate on the Commission communication on "Making the internal energy market work". In addition, ministers will hold an exchange of views on the European Semester 2013, in the light of the annual growth survey. Furthermore, the Council will be informed on the state of play on a proposal for a regulation on the safety of offshore oil and gas activities.

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00:00:05 Stefan Kapferer, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany 00:00:11
00:00:16 SOUNDBITE (English) Pat Rabitte, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources of Ireland and President-in-office of the Council: The most important is our discussion on internal energy markets and focusing on connections to assist the completion of the internal energy market and I suppose how it impacts on consumer. In addition we are dealing with the indirect land-use change (ILUC) directive and balancing the contribution from biofuels to renewable energy and with the competition of that can provide in certain circumstances to food production and try to get that balance. In addition to that I will be informing my colleagues that I'm very pleased with gas agreement yesterday at the trilogue on the completion of the regulation on safety for offshore oil and gas drilling. 00:01:13
00:01:29 Slawomir Nowak, Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of Poland 00:00:11
00:01:40 SOUNDBITE (English) Anna-Karin Hatt, Minister for Information Technology and Energy: I think that the Commission proposal is a good starting point but I think that we have to make some changes, specially we propose 5% ceiling so that we put extra strength on those biofuels with good environmental behaviour and contributes with the reduce of the CO2 emissions. 00:00:23
00:02:03 Traicho Traikov, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria 00:00:12
00:02:15 End 00:00:00
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