Participation of Siim Kallas a major cross border control operation in the France/Belgium border area

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End production: 21/02/2013   First transmission: 21/02/2013
On 21 February 2013, Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, took part in a large-scale motorway control operation in France and Belgium. Police Officers from 28 countries across Europe took part in this five-hour operation which was prepared by the Belgian National Traffic Police, the French National Gendarmerie, French National Police and Dutch National Traffic Police. During this time, hundreds of cars, buses and trucks travelling across the border were stopped and checked. Police were joined by representatives of partner agencies including vehicle inspectorate, customs and revenue.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Inspection area Rekkem. Cross border control (9 shots) 00:00:46
10:00:51 Arrival of Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport 00:00:07
10:00:59 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH) saying that they were able to see a big international exercise on how to deal with cross border violations of traffic rules; this problem has become more and more important for Europe because we all drive, we are all cross borders, and when we are in other countries and rules are not so rigid, not so strict anymore, then accidents happen; in 2011, the European Council adopted rules for the enforcement of cross border traffic violations and now we are in the implementing phase; saying that they saw there the practical aspects of all this international cooperation; the police have taken it very seriously. 00:00:53
10:01:53 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH) saying that police authorities are extremely interested to have this exchange of information and also the possibility to enforce, to have penalties cross borders and to simply ensure order on European roads; this is extremely important and everybody is very committed; in general, quite often in Europe you see that departments are so reluctant to cooperate; saying that in that case, a legislative basis has been created and more enforcement agencies are very serious in cooperating. 00:00:44
10:02:37 Siim Kallas with TISPOL Officers 00:00:10
10:02:48 Soundbite by Koen Ricour, President of TISPOL, Council and Executive Member for Belgium (in ENGLISH) saying that that is an international cross border operation; they are at the Belgian/French border and Dutch, Belgian and French colleagues are controlling together, not only on the aspect of road safety but also on the aspect of security; they need to stop criminals on the road; their goal with this action is the EU 2020 target; what they are doing is enforcement but also education; as regards education, for example, they have the tumbling vehicle for people who do not want their seatbelts; they can show them what it is not to wear a seatbelt when you are in a car; they also have the Belgian road safety institute with a volunteer network to explain the problems linked to speeding, alcohol, drugs and so on; there is also a multi-agency control that focuses also on trucks; police forces and customs are cooperating. 00:01:11
10:03:59 Helicopter take off 00:00:11
10:04:10 Soundbite by Gérard Escolano, Colonel at the French Gendarmerie Nationale (in FRENCH) saying that this operation had several objectives; firstly, to show that, despite the border, police forces on both sides are able to work together regardless of weather conditions; secondly, to make sure that all participants, especially EU police officers, can benefit from each other's know-how; they do not necessarily have all the same resources; this operation was an opportunity to show, in France and then in Belgium, these means and the way to use them; it allows the different police forces to better know each other and to consider acquiring new means or action methods. 00:00:59
10:05:09 Inspection area Rekkem. Siim Kallas visiting the Police enforcement operation and observing technology deployed in the field of road safety and road crime: roll over car test, drug driving detection equipment and scan of truck load (25 shots) 00:02:23
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