Competitiveness Council: Extracts from the press conference by the Irish Presidency and the European Commission

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The Council held a debate on the Commission's Annual Growth Survey for 2013. The Annual Growth Survey is the starting point for the European Semester, which involves simultaneous monitoring of the member states' fiscal, economic and employment policies during a six-month period. Together with the Annual Growth Survey 2013, the Council assessed the first report on the state of the Single Market Integration, aimed at monitoring the functioning of the single market within the European Semester process. Furthermore, the debate included an assessment on the state of play of the Single Market Act packages, which are made up of priority measures aimed at the completion of the single market by increasing confidence and stimulating growth and jobs creation. Ministers were expected to address the situation of the European steel industry, which is one of the industrial sectors most affected by the economic crisis. In the afternoon, the Council exchanged views on an action plan drawn up by the Commission aimed at boosting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe ("Entrepreneurship 2020"). Finally, the Council exchanged views on the review of the "REACH Regulation " for the Registration, Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals.

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00:00:16 SOUNDBITE by Richard Bruton, Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and President in office of the Council (In English) saying that: We also had the review on REACH which is the various regulations protecting and restricting the use of chemicals and also the review in respective nano-technology. I think there were well received by member states, there was an anxiety that compliance and compliance costs for SMS would be included and I think that Vice-President Tajani is very open to that and is considering that. It is a sector that support I think over 3.2 million jobs across Europe so It is clearly an issue of considerable importance in maintaining both environmental high standards but also competitiveness in terms of not having any excess of compliance costs in their implementation. 00:00:52
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00:01:13 SOUNDBITE by Richard Bruton (In English) saying that: We discussed the European Semester and annual growth survey and obviously the Competitiveness Council is anxious to have an input into the European Semester, it is a very important instrument now in the revision and improvement of policy both within the Union and within member states to drive growth, competitiveness and jobs. I think that clearly we are very anxious to drive that agenda. 00:00:27
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