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Strengthening democracy, the role of parliaments and civil society as well as empowering women were the main issues discussed at the Union for the Mediterranean's parliamentarian assembly hosted by the EP on 11 and 12 April. The debate focused on the way forward in the wake of the Arab Spring. Security, environment and boosting cooperation between both shores of the Mediterranean were also on the agenda. EP president Martin Schulz participated in the plenary session. "Governments do not do enough for the Mediterranean to become an area of cooperation," he said in his opening speech. "It is our role as members of parliaments to force governments to make good on their pledges towards the Union for the Mediterranean." Mr Schulz also attended the summit of the Union's parliament speakers in Marseilles on 6-7 April. After this summit, he said: "Euro-Mediterranean cooperation will be among parliaments and citizens, or it will be nothing. It needs a renewed partnership among strong and transparent parliaments."

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00:00:05 Exterior shot of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium (1 shot) 00:00:05
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00:00:41 SOUNDBITE (French): André AZOULAY, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, rapporteur of the Marseilles Civil Forum: "The changes which are seen today on the South side of the Mediterranean are a chance given by history. The words of Liberty, Dignity and Justice are written in Arabic today, they are spoken in Arabic by 100 Millions of Arabs and the Northern Europe has to capture that new reality." 00:00:30
00:01:11 SOUNDBITE (French): Michel VAUZELLE, French Government Special Representative for the Mediterranean, rapporteur of the Forum of local and regional authorities of the Mediterranean: "Regards the upcoming challenges which tie us to the Mediterranean countries, the key questions are the future of the young generation, the problem of the visa policy and the citizenship of the Mediterranean's, which had been the expression used by Mr Azouly, that must be the core reflections of our activities." 00:00:21
00:01:32 SOUNDBITE (French): Michel VAUZELLE, French Government Special Representative for the Mediterranean, rapporteur of the Forum of local and regional authorities of the Mediterranean: "It is to us to establish without delay a 'Mediterranean of the people' followed by actions and the Arabic Spring has to be followed by a 'European spring', that means a 'Mediterranean spring' where we can create that new Mediterranean zone, you the Parliamentarians, you could achieve this today and we are happy to create it together." 00:00:21
00:01:53 SOUNDBITE (Spanish): Carmen ROMERO LÓPEZ, (S&D, ES): "In order for us to urge mobility within the Euro-Med region we have to take into account that we, in Europe, have made a great deal on progress in the breaking down of visas and other kinds of requirements with the southern Mediterranean countries; but there is still a lot to do in the field of mobility". 00:00:18
00:02:11 SOUNDBITE (Arabic): Dr Okla AL-ZOU'BI, Ambassador for Jordan, representative of the co-presidency of the Union for the Mediterranean: "It is to us to arrive to a fair peace founded on a two-state solution which will guarantee an independent Palestine state on Palestine territory. That is one of the 'sine qua non' conditions for stability and peace in all countries of the region". 00:00:25
00:02:36 SOUNDBITE (Spanish): Vicente Miguel GARCÉS RAMÓN, (S&D, ES): "I think the Mediterranean is boiling with an uncertain future. I have also had the opportunity to note how a new player has emerged with all its strength, is the player of the citizenship. People are more and more aware that the people are at the roods of all politic legitimacies". 00:00:44
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