Vote on Temporary suspension of the visa waiver of third-country nationals in case of emergency situations

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MEPs voted this Monday April 8 on amendments to the EU visa regulation. Reimposing visa requirements on nationals of third countries that fail to remove them for EU citizens would be made easier by visa reciprocity rule changes voted in the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. MEPs amended the proposed update of the EU visa regulation to strengthen a “reciprocity mechanism” for dealing with third countries that persist in requiring EU citizens to obtain visas, even though their own citizens are exempt from EU visa requirements. This mechanism should enable the EU to put more pressure on third countries to obey the visa reciprocity rule. For example, the USA currently requires visas for EU citizens from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Poland, and Canada requires them for those from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. The amended visa regulation also includes a “suspension mechanism” to allow the EU to reimpose visa requirements temporarily in emergencies. This was inserted by the Commission at the request of EU member states that faced big influxes of asylum seekers after visa requirements were lifted for citizens of some countries.

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00:01:16 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) : Agustín DIAZ DE MERA GARCIA CONSUEGRA (EPP, ES), rapporteur: "I am very satisfied with the support of the majority of the groups in the committee on the agreed text. And this position gives us strength in order to open immediately the negotiating process with the Council and the Commission with the goal of obtaining the interinstitutional agreement that we all want". 00:00:30
00:01:46 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) : Agustín DIAZ DE MERA GARCIA CONSUEGRA (EPP, ES), rapporteur: "I must say that at the core of the issue, about the need for solidarity on a common reciprocity, we agree with the Council and the Commission. I have to say that about the need of establishing a suspension clause which avoids abuses and frauds, we agree with the Council and the Commission. So, where is our disagreement? Our disagreement is in the procedures in order to implement the common philosophy I am talking about, and also in the details concerning the suspension clause that have to do with percentages and periods of reference". 00:00:58
00:02:44 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) : Agustín DIAZ DE MERA GARCIA CONSUEGRA (EPP, ES), rapporteur: "In Europe, there is freedom of circulation for capital, for goods and for people. So a common policy on visas is part of the development of the Schengen agreement. And that is the path we follow". 00:00:21
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