European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) - IT/Agile from Italy

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End production: 26/03/2013   First transmission: 26/03/2013
MEPs have approved today on the Budgets Committee the financial contribution for the Italian IT company Agile S.r.l. coming from the EGF (European Globalisation Adjustment Fund). This contribution is addressed to workers made redundant due to the economic downturn. Agile had to downsize 1,257 people, out of which 856 are subject to reintegration to be financed by 3.689 million euros of the EGF. The EGF provides additional assistance to workers suffering from the consequences of major structural changes in world trade patterns, in order to help them to re-integrate into work. The strong decline of the ITC sector in Italy hit Agile S.r.l. particularly hard. Agile S.r.l. was in the middle of a commercial strategy revamp when the crisis hit and the firm found itself laden eventually in insolvency. On December 2011, Italy submitted an application for a financial contribution for the firm. and the Commission concluded that the conditions for a financial contribution are met. The crisis has affected hard to the information technology market in the EU. In 2009 the volume of trade decreased by EUR 20 billion representing -5,4 % compared with the previous year.

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00:01:03 SOUNDBITE (English) Angelika WERTHMANN, rapporteur (ALDE, AT): "I think it is very important that these people get the support from the European Union in two ways. Firstly, everyone knows than 95% of the European budget basically goes back to support the people so it is full legitimate that people get the support. And the other point that struck me personally is that it is in the field of the IT, the IT sector is always said to be the most successful one and the one where you don't find any redundancies and actually as a matter of a fact due to the crisis and due to the development of the economic situation, also in Italy of course, it showed that it is also possible that also in the IT sector people can get reluctant". 00:00:50
00:01:53 SOUNDBITE (English) Angelika Werthmann, rapporteur (ALDE, AT): "In my view is about the way that the European Union justify the money . The EU is here to support the people, to help the people; it should not only be seen in the political or in an economic union, also has to be seen as a Union for its people, for its citizens". 00:00:21
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