NEW Statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President: - following the accident of Georgios PAPASTAMKOS (EPP, EL), EP Vice-President

Type: News   Reference: 92839   Duration: 00:02:34  Lieu: Strasbourg, France - European Parliament
End production: 13/03/2013   First transmission: 13/03/2013
Greek EU deputy Georgios PAPASTAMKOS (EPP, EL), EP Vice-President , falls ill.

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00:00:26 "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sure you are aware of the very serious incident that happened here to our colleague PAPASTAMKOS. He suffered a very serious medical attack. I have no way of telling more. I want to thank the colleagues that shared concerns for Mr PAPASTAMKOS and step in help the clerks spontaneously. We are very grateful to them, and hope that this will make a difference for Mr PAPASTAMKOS. Mr PAPASTAMKOS is now in hospital, I can't tell you anything about the diagnosis as soon as we will have news from the hospital I will convey it to you, when we will have a clearer picture of how the situation is. Of course, with the necessary discretion. I must say once again, Mr PAPASTAMKOS's condition is extremely serious. Ladies and Gentlemen I informed the family of Mr PAPASTAMKOS and his wife is on her way to Strasbourg. A number of colleagues, as is only natural, have point out that we have to rethink the way we are organising votes in this house". 00:02:03
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