Vote on Groundhandling services at Union airports and repeal of Council Directive: - extracts from the vote - statement by Artur ZASADA (EPP, PL), rapporteur

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End production: 19/03/2013   First transmission: 19/03/2013
MEPs of the TRAN Committee voted today on the legislative proposal concerning the efficiency and overall quality of groundhandling services for users (airlines) and end-users (passengers and freight forwarders) at EU airports. This matter was sent for re-examination to this committee after the Proposal for a Regulation was rejected in Plenary and after the Commission stated that they would not withdraw its proposal. This Proposal for Regulation aimed to improve the efficiency and the overall quality of groundhandling services by ensuring airlines to have an increased choice of groundhandling solutions at EU airports, harmonising and clarifying national administrative conditions for market entry, ensuring a level playing field at airport level between groundhandling companies operating under different regulatory regimes, ensuring coordination between groundhandling providers at the airport and clarifying the legal framework for training of staff and their transfers. Vote result: Total voters in Committee: 44 in Favour 17 Against 17 Abstentions 8 Legislative proposal adopted .

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00:01:07 Final vote results: Total voters in Committee: 44 in Favour 17 Against 17 Abstentions 8 The Legislative Proposal is adopted. Applause . 00:00:25
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00:01:39 SOUNDBITE (English) Artur ZASADA (EPP, PL), rapporteur "Finally after one year we reach out a slightly precision because we open our airports to our first competitor. It is a fairest achievement, but it is not the most important one: The most important one is that we have in this document three very important points. We have one common approval procedure for all groundhandling companies all over Europe: The other thing is that we have one common tender procedure so it is going to be clear and understandable for everyone how to do with the tender procedure at every single European airport: And, which is the most important one, we reached minimum quality standards: We established, we set up, minimum quality standards which are going to be very important for the passengers". 00:00:56
00:02:35 SOUNDBITE (English) Artur ZASADA (EPP, PL), rapporteur "For the companies, more competition means, from my perspective, better quality. But, to be honest, the other thing to reach this point are minimum quality standards, which means better competition: We have one common procedure, one approval procedure. That is why I voted in favour". 00:00:26
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